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In the words of our customers.  

Initially I thought I couldn't afford John's artwork. I really love John's style, I think he is extremely talented. I am replacing all my Ken Duncan prints with John's artwork.

I know I'm not going to walk into someone else's house and see the same picture. John's work is more unique and therefore more valuable. I'm proud to display a local photographer's work.

I have recommended John to friends and clients, especially those who appreciate art, nature, travel and photography.”

Alicia Peattie, Director Urban Living Solutions


 I made a rather hasty decision to purchase, without actually seeing exactly what I was going to get (Eiffel Perspective). I was nervous that it wasn’t going to look as impressive when it arrived as I was hoping.

When I saw my actual print – it was so much more spectacular than just looking at photos on the computer. I have received many compliments from clients & friends, plus I love the view from my office desk.

I also love the idea that I could move them around my office for a change of scenery (if I wanted to). Everyone and anyone – I love my artwork. It makes me happy and gives me something to talk with clients about other than tax.

Kristie Rose, Principal KLR Accounting


Initially, I was not sure I wanted to spend the coin and was unsure what would work with the theme of the office.   The artwork (Eiffel Perspective) resonated with me as it represented freedom, personal independence & quality.

It is matched perfectly with my brand.  It is a unique quality piece, it matches perfectly to our brand & office decor.   John's artwork is suited to anybody, it all comes down to personal taste and there are many options to suit all types of preferences​.

In particular I think it is well suited to businesses that pride themselves on being different and of high quality. 

Daniel Walsh, Principal Tailored Wealth 


Until now I hadn't found any artworks I had to have. After being in major financial hardship I question all spending. When I saw The Twilight Castle on my wall I loved it, it looked so good and I didn’t want to give it back.

It makes me smile and happy every time I walk into the office. I enjoy showing anyone that comes into my office I tell them about the artwork and you.

Why? Because I love it and I want others to share in the joy for themselves.

Sally Markham, Director Sally & Patrick's Handpicked Fruit and Veg


At first, I wondered where I could make it work in our house as we have very few empty walls. After the Iceland Collection exhibition, I loved what John had done, he is a friend & I wanted to support him.

I have John's artworks in my home that I see & enjoy everyday. We also have one of John's artworks “Surprise Centrepiece” in the dining room at Bushrangers it looks great with our new decor.

I recommend John's work to anyone that is looking for Art for the home or office or as a gift.

Vicki Woods, Owner Bushrangers Bar and Brasserie