How John Lechner Art will help you create a beautiful space that will give an awesome first impression every time.

You only get one chance at making a great first impression. Every time someone new enters your business, what are they thinking? 

Are they dreading the meeting to start with?

  • Want to blow them away?
  • Want to give your customers an easy way to relax?
  • A distraction that takes them to another world?

All while sitting in your reception or meeting rooms.

John Lechner Art specialises in helping you give an awesome first impression that will:

  1. Relax your customers
  2. Provide a welcome distraction
  3. Create a beautiful workspace


You and your team will enjoy working in an awesome beautiful office.

John creates beautiful photographic art with landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes from Australia and around the world. John's no BS approach to art is simple, if you love it, that's all you need to know. Art is for everyone and should NOT be pretentious.

With packages to suit all businesses John Lechner Art can help you. 

Book a FREE consultation with John today, let John show you how he can help you have a great first impression every time.

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Don't take our word for it

Initially I thought I couldn't afford John's artwork. I really love John's style, I think he is extremely talented.

I am replacing all my Ken Duncan prints with John's artwork. I know I'm not going to walk into someone else's house and see the same picture. John's work is more unique and therefore more valuable.

I'm proud to display a local photographer's work.

I have recommended John to friends and clients, especially those who appreciate art, nature, travel and photography.”

Alicia Peattie, Director Urban Living Solutions

I made a rather hasty decision to purchase, without actually seeing exactly what I was going to get (Eiffel Perspective).
I was nervous that it wasn’t going to look as impressive when it arrived as I was hoping.
When I saw my actual print – it was so much more spectacular than just looking at photos on the computer. I have received many compliments from clients & friends, plus I love the view from my office desk.
I also love the idea that I could move them around my office for a change of scenery (if I wanted to). Everyone and anyone – I love my artwork.

It makes me happy and gives me something to talk with clients about other than tax.

Kristie Rose, Principal KLR Accounting


Initially, I was not sure I wanted to spend the coin and was unsure what would work with the theme of the office.  

The artwork (Eiffel Perspective) resonated with me as it represented freedom, personal independence & quality. It is matched perfectly with my brand.  It is a unique quality piece, it matches perfectly to our brand & office decor.  

John's artwork is suited to anybody, it all comes down to personal taste and there are many options to suit all types of preferences​. In particular I think it is well suited to businesses that pride themselves on being different and of high quality. 

Daniel Walsh, Principal Tailored Wealth 


Until now I hadn't found any artworks I had to have. After being in major financial hardship I question all spending. When I saw The Twilight Castle on my wall I loved it, it looked so good and I didn’t want to give it back.

It makes me smile and happy every time I walk into the office. I enjoy showing anyone that comes into my office I tell them about the artwork and you. Why? Because I love it and I want others to share in the joy for themselves.

Sally Markham, Director Sally & Patrick's Handpicked Fruit and Veg


At first, I wondered where I could make it work in our house as we have very few empty walls. After the Iceland Collection exhibition, I loved what John had done, he is a friend & I wanted to support him.

I have John's artworks in my home that I see & enjoy everyday. We also have one of John's artworks “Surprise Centrepiece” in the dining room at Bushrangers it looks great with our new decor.

I recommend John's work to anyone that is looking for Art for the home or office or as a gift.

Vicki Woods, Owner Bushrangers Bar and Brasserie

So who is John Lechner?

John LechnerJohn has always been a passionate traveler. He took his first international trip as a toddler and since that time his thirst for travel has grown to wanderlust.
John remembers having a Kodak Disc camera as a young boy. Since that time he has progressed through many cameras and formats. He remembers the anguish of losing a roll of 35mm film on a canal boat in Amsterdam during a trip in 2000. 
During the last few years John's passions have collided into a singular need and focus - to travel Australia and the world capturing the most beautiful sights.
Today John focuses on landscapes, particularly the golden hours at both ends of the day. John is one of those passionate people who loves nothing more than climbing out of bed at 4am to catch a magical sunrise.
John considers photography to be an art form and believes he is immensely fortunate to be able to travel the world to capture breathtaking sights. John loves nothing more than sharing his passion with others to enjoy in their home or office. John’s artworks provide a portal to another place and escapism from the everyday.

Book a FREE consultation with John today, let John show you how he can help you have a great first impression every time.

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