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"You’re Welcome” Are The Hardest Words

"You’re Welcome” Are The Hardest Words
Tara Whitewood

Asking for and giving help

There is a really important lesson I would love to share, something that has continued to have a profound impact on my relationships. It is that giving is a circle. What I mean is that it is equally as important to receive as it is to give.

Strangely enough I find that I spend equal (if not more) time talking to my clients about receiving, or asking for help as I do about becoming more giving.

There is a really interesting dynamic in relationships where when you ask for help, the other person feels closer to you. The rubbish in our lives about being super heroes and the badge of honour we wear when we do it all alone, creates isolation and loneliness.

Learning to ask for help also means being graceful about the response. I have learned to really appreciate the friends who are clear about their boundaries.

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