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You Are The Most Interesting Person You Will Ever Meet!

You Are The Most Interesting Person You Will Ever Meet!

By Leslie Thompson

Getting to know the most interesting person in your life

There lies some serious power within, when you give yourself the chance to be authentically you! I’m not consistently there. I’m not a guru, I’m human, and I really love that about this life!

If you’ve read my other blogs though, I seem to always find an opportunity to throw in that we are put on this Earth to learn and grow, and it’s nothing short of fascinating for me.

Especially when I think about all the experiences and opportunities I’ve been given and upon reflection, how I have unconsciously sabotaged my chances at making choices that were right for me.

We are complex beings and self-discovery ain’t for the faint hearted. It’s for the determined, strong-willed and those who seriously want to make a difference.

I’m not saying I want to be the next female Tony Robbins, but something to that effect I most certainly would give a shot! In the mean-time, however, I’ll start the best way I know how to.

By example, by encouragement and because I passionately believe I’m onto something seriously valuable and I see how others benefit around me.

Life is to be nothing less than interesting, valuable, curious, awe-inspiring and totally incomprehensible! We can try our very best to make sense of this life, but I’m going to leave that to the scientists of the world.

My job and my gift is to show you how to embrace your life, just like I have and am still learning to do.

Since I choose to work with all the wonderful women of the world, we get to be real girls and talk about all things hairy, waxed, smelly, concerning, funny, sad, optimistic, stuck, depressing, delightful and whatever else can and needs to be aired, because that is what is of significance to your life, right now.

I have a very ‘down-to-earth’ approach about life and in particular about our bodies. You see, I have always been curious to experience what it would be like living amongst a nomadic tribe wearing nothing but a couple of leaves or string, for purposes I’m still uncertain about.

Either way, I embrace the female body in all its glory, lumps, bumps, scars and skin. We ladies and all females have the same part, they just may look slightly individual, and to me, that’s another beauty to embrace.

I’m not saying we are going to have nude parties, I’ll leave that to the latest yoga craze, of which I haven’t managed to muster up the courage to perform dancers pose, in the nude, in a room full of strangers during that time of the month.

But what I do encourage is for you to really get to know yourself, and that is no easy feat.

When you actually really stop to think about it, we all, whether you are capable of understanding this, have the choice to be the Hitler’s of the world or the Ghandi’s of the world, and the beauty about this life is that we have a choice.

So I’m certainly not going to be an extremists of any kind-good bad or ugly, nor do I want to conform and be those boring old sheep’s of society, but I am striving to walk to the beat of my own drum (never played drums before, so you’re up for some interesting beats).

I’m making a conscious choice and effort to sit within myself, be honest, think and feel all my thoughts and emotions and make a conscious choice to choose my beat time and time again.

I strive to do things that will benefit me and my children, that give us the best opportunities and that will help us continue to live a real-life, with authentic experiences and amazing people in it.

Through my own journey of personal development I am at the point now where I have a pretty good understanding of myself, and the only way I got there was to be open, see myself, warts and all, feel totally ashamed and uncomfortable;
‘fail’ at my first attempt at marriage
‘fail’ as a parent
‘fail’ as a daughter, friend, employee-I know, I’m sounding like a stand-up girl!

But as I’ve already said in this blog, and pretty much all the others, we are on this planet to learn and grow and for all my failures, I’ve learnt and continue to learn.

I certainly do not go out of my way to fail, I’m human, and I don’t know it all, so failure is a part of life and I choose to use that opportunity to grow from the experience, instead of letting it tear me down.

That’s where you start to recognise your strengths. That’s where you develop courage and determination and that’s where you really start to see life as an adventure and a game.

How did I get to this point? Meditation and journaling have been the keys to my soul. These practices did not come easily.

They were frightening, scary and intrusive. I had to put my most vile words down on paper (and I’ve still got it in one of my many journals), and emotionally speaking I sat in my own shit, until I sat long enough to find the peace within that many gurus bang on about.

But they were right, and through my perseverance and determination I got there. And through the process of it all, I became utterly fascinated with all of me…not in a conceited way, in a curious way.

We are some crazy-arse species with a brain that we haven’t even given a good hard go at! But I tell you something so true,



A lot of us leave this world having learnt a lot, but not really understanding who we are as an individual, and I find that really sad.

I have engaged with people who literally live life on automatic because they conform to society.

I’m sorry to say that these people have been the most mind-numbing of people and it has been impossible to actually get to really know who they are.

They can’t seem to stretch past a conversation about the weather, or how shit work is, or tell me the local gossip, but god-forbid I challenge them and ask them a personal question that could potentially ignite a genuine, authentic friendship, where we can actually share our thoughts, dreams and ideas.

It is just off limits, and while they are entitled to live their life as they please, they are missing out on really experiencing the true depths that a friendship can offer.

So, in a constant bid to encourage you to really do something left of centre, against the grain and totally rebellious, step out of the crowd, grab an empty exercise book and a pen, go find a tree or a quite spot to sit down and finally introduce yourself to the most interesting person on the planet…

I could piss in your pocket here and say you are about to meet an incredible, amazing, wise beyond your years, hilarious, kind and generous human being, and you will.

But, for every plus sign you see on a battery, you’ll find the negative at the opposite end, and you will also get to know the craziest, unrelenting hypocrite, that really makes you see all sorts of lunacy and concerning behaviours.

But in meeting this side of you I hope you see that nothing and no-one makes sense and that will help you find compassion and empathise with those who really don’t understand themselves at all.

As a result you will notice that you are, in fact, the most interesting person you will ever meet!


Leslie Thompson
The Happy Health Coach


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