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What to wear for 2016 Christmas season in three easy steps?

What to wear for 2016 Christmas season in three easy steps ?

By Tracey Cullen

What to wear for 2016 Christmas season

Its such a busy time of the year with work parties, family get togethers, school shenanigans and glamorous parties. You don't want to be worried or fussing about what to wear, yet you want to feel relaxed and confident with your look throughout this period. One of the last things you want to be worried about when you look back at all the photos is that you wished you made more of an effort. That's not good for the soul.

The 3 key points -

1) Plan

You know that saying "If you fail to plan you plan to fail".

Getting dressed at the last minute without a plan never works.

Stop thinking about stocking up on gifts and champagne, hang on, what was I thinking, it's Christmas, but do start thinking about planning your outfits, you won't regret it.

2) Personality Dressing

Outfits for the festive season, like any other time, needs to suit you and the occasion.

Most people understand about getting dressed to suit the occasion but don't think about getting dressed in a way that suits their personality. 

When I say suit you and your personality, I mean are you more of a classic dresser or more creative, are you more feminine or more natural in your style, the list goes on. What I find helps with my clients is thinking about the words that best describe you and the look you would like to create. 

Its not something I gave too much thought to before I got into this business, yet working in and studying personal style for men and women, personality is the key. It was the first subject I studied and from my experience working with clients, it is the basis of all our decisions from cut and colour right through to what underwear we choose. What words describe your style?

3) Summer Trends

Lastly to inject a modern touch, for women, add some statement sleeves or long earrings and to really stand out wearing red or white are all bang on trend at the moment.

For men, relaxed, oversized polos and patterned shirts reminiscent of the 50's are on trend and with shorts getting shorter wear them just above the knee. White denim or chinos are all the rage and are worn best with dusky browns or dark hues in boots, joggers and belts.

If you would like further tips for outfits on Christmas Day and New year day watch this video.

Need more personal help? Get in contact, tracey@styleforyou.com.au.

Have a wonderful festive season.



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