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What do I have to do to be healthy?

What do I have to do to be healthy

By Leslie Thompson

Simple Strategies for Getting and Staying Healthy

A question I get asked a lot, as if there is some secret hidden Nonna’s recipes that’s waiting to be found. When I’m approached with this, I literally want to pull out the PowerPoint, pass out the pen and paper and spend the next two hours discussing and dissecting what health is, why it’s worth investing in and why there is no simple, general answer.

For the sake of another blog post, let’s entertain this question in less than two hours and in writing!

Firstly, let’s look at what health is NOT;

  • Health does NOT just involve eating ‘healthy’ (a whole other subject) foods, following a strict diet and exercising a minimum of half an hour a day.
  • Health is NOT having a sanitized personality, being a do-gooder, finding a job and being “deemed worthy by society”
  • And health is NOT putting on a brave face to the rest of the world, pretending everything is okay meanwhile your internal world is crumbling down to the point of suicide.

In fact, it’s almost quite the contrary.

What do I have to do to be healthy?

Health is ALL ABOUT YOU!

It’s not just about what you have to do, but it’s also about choosing who you want to be and how you go about doing that. Health is a BODY, MIND & SOUL collective and perspective, experience.

Simply put, what do you have to do to be healthy? You have to be your own version of genuine happiness. You have to learn to fall in love with yourself, accept yourself, understand and embrace your differences and be the most important person in your world!

You have to be up for your own journey. You have to take an interest in how you operate and function, physically, mentally and spiritually (there goes that BODY, MIND & SOUL approach again!).

To be healthy is the goal-but the goal is committing yourself to the journey…


So, I apologise to those of you who wanted me to say;

‘All you have to do is eat three leaves of spinach a day and walk to your car, that should do the trick.’

You could give that a whirl and see how that works for you, but I guarantee I’d initially get a lot of lazy customers to begin with, and everyone demanding a refund with a lot of bad reviews!

To be healthy is to find your own balance, to find your own beat to your drum, experiment with food, people, ways of living and genuinely see how that works for you. The irony is that we are constantly changing and just when you think you may have mastered the basic guidelines of what healthy looks like and feels like, something, or someone, or even you-change…not change, evolve.

To be healthy is to be living. To be living is to know that you matter and that you have something that you know the world will benefit from receiving.

Is health synonymous with happiness? DAMN STRAIGHT!

In fact, that’s the best indicator you have. If you are not happy, this is your opportunity to start being curious, experimenting, tweaking or totally overhauling your current system that is not generating your happiness.

Start with food. This is where my health and wellness journey started and is an absolute vital component of overall health and wellness.

Changing your diet alone and finding YOUR optimum nutrition not only generates body awareness, but clears the mind and emotions and balances your body chemically, allowing you to access greater depths of self development and personal understanding.

It’s the easiest place to start because you see the physical benefits, which is why we do it initially. But you also notice the internal, emotional and mental changes it affects and I can’t encourage finding your optimum nutrition enough for these benefits alone!

When you start really getting to understand your body, accepting it, appreciating it and really looking after it, you’ll see how this same approach applies to all other areas of your life.

Think about the person or thing that you love most in this world, how much love and genuine care you give it, or them. In order for you to be healthy, this is the kind of TLC you need to give to yourself.

So, how I start my day is by allowing positive thoughts to enter my head, sometimes through guided meditation, journaling or my own crazy conversations and motivational speeches!

I then focus on how I’m feeling, reminding myself of the person I’m striving to be and the legacy I’m creating-that is an upbeat, energetic human, encouraging others to take an interest in themselves to reach their optimum health and happiness.

I then go and drink a minimum 1 litre of beautifully sourced alkaline water, followed by green tea-and that’s how I generally start my day, dedicated to my journey to unleashing my health, happiness, kindness and potential.

That works for me, but may sound tedious to you. Find your own version of positive starts to your day…it could be getting up and walking the dog, or making some good old-fashioned love to your beautiful partner in life, either way, if you are happy and those around you are, then it’s a good start!

So, what do you have to do to be healthy?


Leslie Thompson
The Happy Health Coach

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