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Wellness – Wellbeing – Happiness at work

Wellness Wellbeing Happiness Wellbeing at work

By Leah Marmulla

Wellness – Wellbeing – Happiness

What do these words have in common, besides being the new buzz words?  They all have Hope attached to them.  Hope I think, because we all would like to have wellness, and a sense of wellbeing as well as happiness.  Considering the definition of words we give them actually create our perspective, they also define your choices.  

When I ask you what these words mean to you and how do you define or describe them, what is the answer?  Are they just an illusion that is being portrayed within the happy community, similar to the love movement of the 70’s?  

Do they have any relevance to you and your place in life?   Maybe, they just represent an evolutionary movement of humanity representing something we are actually searching for - peace, contentment and connectedness.

I dare say as an individual in the Western Society, we are collectively searching for meaning in the vastness of turmoil the world appears to be in. I don’t think many would dispute there is an increasing dis-chord between what we innately know to be truth and what we have been lead to believe via popular press, marketing, capitalism and that money is the saving force to our woes.  

I challenge you to question this.  What if, by questioning your current perspective, you can have more happiness, more wellness and a sense of freedom? A different appreciation for your life is available if you are able to make conscious and informed choices of how you choose to live it.

What if you could create a different life, enjoying it more while living in the manner you like simply by encouraging you to own your power to choose?  What if, all you needed to do is be grateful, to see the better parts of people, to let go of your expectations to avoid disappointment?

How then, do we define wishes, hopes and desires, when parts of society is encouraging us to dream big,  to work smart, to play hard?   The answer may just be by responding and not reacting to the environments you are in.  

Working with the things you can influence and allowing the rest to be as they are. As Steven Covey explains in his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".  

The reality that you see, that you feel and that surrounds you is negative, predominately irritation or frustration towards being stuck in a work just to pay for the house, car or the children’s education?  

I want to challenge this thought because it is social illusion; one that was born from the concepts of the have and have nots, with the need to keep up appearances, with the Jones and with everyone else in between.

I think that it is possible to incorporate ambition and contentedness into our psyche.  By combining snippets of materialistic ideologies, we can encourage and support the dream big theory.  It is possible to take every day actions that supports transition into what we dream to have and be.

  • For instance, by taking 5 minutes to sit and watch the birds and bees fly around, accompanied by deep breaths to calm the mind and lift the spirits.
  • By looking at great artwork, whether it is the children’s finger painting or the Picasso in the office.  
  • By taking time to sit and be thankful that you have the opportunity to make clear and informed choices.  
  • Own the choices you have made to create the life you wished at one time to have.  You chose to study, to apply for the job, to get out of bed and to care about your future.
  • If you don’t like your current circumstances, take stock and courage to make different choices.  Observe what you would like to create, what you would need to do, learn and be to have the alternatives and actively work toward this preference.

For those who say “I don’t have a choice because if I didn’t do this or that, I wouldn’t have what I have”, I say; this is still a conscious choice.   You are choosing to continue doing the actions required to keep the house and the car and the other things that are important to you.

What else can we do, I hear you ask?  Take stock of where you are, where you want to be and what you want to have.  Check in to see if these things are essential to your wellbeing.  

This thought covers your mental as well as your emotional and physical wellbeing. These considerations are more that just an investigation of your ego.  Consider a change in your perspective to meet your current situation, knowing that you can make further changes when appropriate.  You can always work towards the bigger goal and control or reduce the frustration of not being able to complete all plans instantly

Learn how to take a step back from your expectations, and work from a place of peace and tranquillity.  View what you have achieved as a positive, and acknowledge the efforts you are making as a contribution towards your feeling of wellness, happiness and your personal wellbeing.

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