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Waking the self awareness genie

Waking the self awareness genie

Self awareness

Awareness, while it is the first step to change, can unleash a genie similar to the movie Aladdin. Remember Aladdin was the kid on the block who was just getting by, dreaming bigger ideas and more so about getting to know Princess Jasmine.  

Our life can be just like Aladdin. We are making do, doing our thing, living the life we are 'meant' to live.  As in last posts, I ask:  "Who said you had to live this way?" Was it your parents, family, the social class you were born into? 

How about the teachers, the bullies, your friends who tease or limit you from being who you would like to choose to be, just like Aladin dreaming of the girl who is 'out of his league', the ease of life not on the street, or better to at least have a house over his head. Now that Aladdin has started to wake up, you may not have peace until you let the Genie work its magic with you. 

I was reading an amazing book yesterday - Life's Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard.  A real must read. A story of second chances and reflection of how our past beliefs, rules and limitations create our current reality.  Through the main character, it takes us into our own pasts and asks the reader consider the defining moments that have shaped your current choices. 

Then, with this awareness, shows how damaging they have been.  Interested, check it out here.  I dare you to start taking your life seriously and seeing what you are creating, why and how, so that you can consciously start choosing what you actually want to your life to be.  Think of this as one of Genie's wishes.  

Another prompt came to me yesterday, (see I am going through this process myself at the moment - taking my life by the horns to create something I choose).  Keith Abraham whom I have been following for a little while talks about big, bold goals of life.

He has a program where he takes you through the process of making a 100 list of things to do in the year.  For some, me included it was like "No way!" Though I will also say, the things I did put down have happened.  The power of thinking big, and taking the courage to get out there, to stretch, to grow and to make good. 

Back to the prompt..... Connecting the dots. His analogy was the activity of joining the dots to create the picture, you remember?  If we didn't know what it was meant to look like from the beginning, we didn't always get it right, did we?  

As so with life, we might be looking at our future like a blank piece of paper (which it is), thinking about New Year resolutions, contemplating what happened during 2016, the good, the wins, lessons and the fine tuning of the year's adventures.  

The picture or plan is hard to create unless you have the vision for where you really want to go. If this is where you feel like you are at right now, then follow these 3 steps …
1.    Step back and CLARIFY the big picture for you.
2.    IDENTIFY the dots you already have and know.
3.    Take the first step and JOIN your dots to together.
Keith Abraham

Now we are the cusp of 2017, what will we do with it?  I suggest...

  • Take the wins and the lessons, and make 2017 bigger and grander;
  • Let go of the things that are holding you back. Beliefs, points of view, limiting behaviour, ruts and unhappy situations.  Get help to work through these and as in the words of Tony Robbins, "take bold, radical action".  Become the person you want to be, not the person you rather not be.  Step up and step out.  Nothing will change until you do. 
  • Consider all aspects of your wellbeing- your food, exercise, rest.  What level of health do you want for next year?  For more help on this one, visit healthyeats.mobi
  • Put the big picture out in front of you - what are your 100 things you choose to do? What is important to you, to learn skills to make them stronger, and have a bigger impact on your your self care, relationships, career, adventure.
  • Consider getting inspiration - self care books, relationship support, travel agents, home renovations, connect with people who are where you want to be - learn from those who have done it. 
  • Link the dots, even if for now it is a brainstorming session, get dots on paper so that you can
  • Call the Genie to bring it all together
  • Continue to acknowledge, release, renew and grow towards the person you want to be. 
Make 2017 your year to be the best you can be, with new awareness and resources.

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