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The 5 Keys to Marketing Your Love Life

Keys to Marketing Your Love Life

By Tara Whitewood

If Love were your business, what would you invest?

Time and time again I see couples who have had enough of investing in their relationship - the time, money, and energy that they contribute to their partner is depleting their own resources. So what is the difference between a happy couple, and an exhausted couple? Successful couples have a clear strategy, and they know what works.

The basic principles of good marketing provide a great guide to love, and gives your customer (your sweet lover) a reason to continue to choose you over your competition.

Know Your Avatar

You’ve spent hours on this, you know your avatar in intimate detail. What they eat. Where they shop. What they lie awake at night wondering. Ask yourself: Do you know your partner that well?

Successful businesses have a very clear and focused approach to marketing, because they know what their customers want, and they deliver it. Taking the time to get to know your partner means you can identify what they want and deliver the perfect service or product to meet that need.  They will never want to go to a competitor. You know, metaphorically.

Keep your Finger on the Pulse

We’ve all seen the embarrassing backlash from marketing campaigns that are out of touch with the changing desires and needs of their clients. The companies that are arrogant enough to believe that no matter what they deliver, their clients will love it - Think: U2 and Apple’s forced download of their album onto iPhones everywhere *cringe*. 

Remember that your partner is a dynamic human being with complex desires, the difference between success and Songs of Innocence is to actively seek feedback on your strategy!

Find your niche.

This is your opportunity to make great headway! What is it about you, that is most valuable to your relationship. Sure, you may be a great provider, but is that the key to your lover’s heart? Or maybe you are in charge of fun, but neglect to take responsibility for your families day-to-day needs.

The best way to identify this is to notice the area you feel you are being nagged or ignored. If it were your business you would find a new approach quick smart! Do that.

Your Reputation is Everything

Reputation and credibility only happen when you deliver quality, and handle expectations and errors with grace and calm. Mistakes are inevitable, Good customer service is everything.

So it is in your relationship:  Provide quality. Be graceful and clear when discussing expectations. Deliver on your promises. Be graceful in the face of challenge.

Be Consistent

You already know that it is not enough in your business to do something well only once. You must be consistent in your delivery across the board. A brilliant product with terrible service is never going to make it long term (I’m looking at you, Telstra!). And if all you have in your favour is a monopoly on infrastructure, then you are in loving trouble!

You already have the skills - now you can map them across to your love life for a brilliant increase in the ROI on your energy, and the returns are super sweet!

Tara works with couples to create the same structures & systems in their relationship as their business, from the mindset of success to implementing the day-to-day strategies and tactics required to create a loving, passionate, joyful relationship.


Tara Whitewood
The Sugar Doctor




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