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Staying on track when you commit to change

Staying on track when you commit to change

By Leah Marmulla

February is well and truly here, the sun has changed angle and the heat seems to be spiking higher.  Change, in all spheres as we seem to be saying "It was never like this before....".

What changes did you commit to making this year? 

Are you still on track?

If not that is ok, as every second of every day is a new beginning. It's about being clear of what you want, how you want to live and how much you are willing give up mis-aligned habits and work with the associated discomfort and pain of change to get what you really want.

Personally, I have taken to writing in awareness and lofty questions journal.  It is very similar to the Awareness and Accountability Journal developed for my clients, the big difference is I am focusing on the lofty questions. 

Lofty questions is a concept introduced to my by Christie Marie Sheldon from Mindvalley.com. Christie is an energy shifter whom I have listed to over the years.  She has facilitated in initiating some significant changes in my life simply by opening my imagination to the possibility of 'I would like that too'.  Lofty questions are designed to ask the sub-conscious to get creative in finding ways to address the focus point of the question. Potentially opening up some pretty amazing insights and shifts in focus which in turn creates different life experiences.

Some of the lofty questions she posses include:

"Why do I have more money than I need?"  (Abundance and helping others?)
"Why do I have more than enough money to pay my bills, save money and have some left over to have fun?"  (Self sufficiency and financial appreciation)
"Why is my life so amazing, and exceeds all my expectations?" (Gratitude and celebration)
"What are the steps I require to take to manifest the ideas into abundance?" (Focus on action) 
"What is my million dollar idea so I can manifest it into my life today?" (Co-creating with the universe on the destined path)
"How can the universe give me than enough health, energy, vitality and stamina than I thought possible?" (instilling health and physical abundance)
"What type of person can I become to manifest and enjoy the abundance the universe wants to give me?"  (Blessings are there to be given, it is matched to the image we believe about ourselves. So by changing our self belief, and describing who we are growing into helps to co -create the changes in life we desire and destined to have.)

I encourage you to play with the above questions, and definitely explore her work!!

To purchase your own copy of the Awareness and Accountability Journal, our very own tracking and exploration record for clients.  Click here.

"How long must you feel sorry for yourself in order to finally reclaim your happiness? Seriously. How much self-pity is required to love yourself again? When would now be the best time to start acting and feeling better? Now."

Scott Niolet

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It is about the mind/body beliefs creates what we believe about ourselves and what how we see ourselves to be.  The second part demonstrates that our destiny is to work towards Self actualisation as Maslow and the various Eastern philosophies encourage us to live our life.


Leah Marmulla
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