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Start to make a different life

Start to make a different life

Choose to change your life

With just a few days to go before the monumental beginning of 2017, many are either in recovery mode from the year that was, or preparing for the 2017. 

Personally, for myself it is about taking time out to clean up loose ends, reflect on the good, the things that were challenges, and congratulate myself on the things that I have improved in.  

Just like children, if we don't praise ourselves or at least recognise the good we do in any situation, we start to become disenchanted with ourselves and our lives.

One serious reason to complete 'A Daily Reflection' activity.  Not just about gratitude, but an actual lesson prompting thought process so the next day can be different from the one just lived. 

Other benefits of this type of meditation, is that we can ask powerful questions, regularly which speeds up the change process, helps to create a greater sense of control over situations, which in turn help create mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Start to make a different life

A sample of the types of questions to ask each day and what positive reinforcements you can create to perpetuate change. 

In your Life’s Journal record the following for the day:

  • What great thing happened today? Place this in your achievement board.
  • What emotions and feelings did you feel with these experiences?
  • What memories arose during these experiences?
  • What theme, or common emotions, if any were there between the memories?
What is the lesson for today’s ‘interesting’ experience/s?
  • What dreams or hopes where unleashed during today? Place these on your dream board.
What future steps or actions are you to take to achieve your goals?  

Want more of these powerful daily/weekly ritual questions? Order your copy.

Celebrate the wins, even the small things of : 

  • I stuck with the 'To do list' more than I used to
  • I was able to speak and act honestly and feel good about looking after myself 
  • I drank those 6 glasses of water and less coffee, 
  • I walked around the office, the block, went out during lunch to get fresh are and reconnect to things other than work.

Put your wins in a place or diary so on your 'challenging' days you can reflect and see the progress being made. 

Knowing that we all act from stored memories or historic reactions in our sub-conscious, asking or reflecting on the associations between then and know helps to let go of the past 'issues' if they are not serving you.

Again, like a child that is finally being heard, the emotions and memories start to give up their frequent attention seeking whine.

Completing more powerful healing work on really powerful and hurtful memories is beneficial and if you need help to get through the big stuff, ask. ​

The part of the process when you have seen the good you have done and created and acknowledging the previous associations, one can choose to keep the lessons, and let go of the reactions.

Asking the following questions can really make a massive forward projection change in state, but also start the conspiracy with the universe as to what can be created from here on.

Ask them at the end of each day; the beginning of each day; when we have planning or change discussions with colleagues, friends or family; change in planned activities; almost in every situation, a background dialogue can speed up the clarity required to make powerful and respecting decisions and therefore action.

  • What's our goal here? 

  • Who will be impacted if we do or don't make this decision? 

  • Whose role is this - who is accountable to make this happen? 

  • What capabilities and resources would we need to make this happen?

  • How will we measure our progress and success?

The theme of the questions may change depending on the type of discussion or decisions required.  For instance, if you are planning the next day around family activities, part of the goal could be "To enhance connection with the children/partner and make memories".

The theme with a work project likely quite different "The end goal is to really bring this together so I can get the bonus or the recognition I need. 

The questions following "What is the gaol?" helps create steps of creation towards achieving the ultimate goal, whatever it is. 

At the end of the day, every single second of time can alter the projection of your life.

  • You are ultimately in charge of everything that happens in you, to you and around you.
  • You are in charge of the thoughts you allow to float up and stay vs floating and leaving. It is a choice to choose not to be aware or conscious about what is going on in and around you. 

If you need help to create more clarity, consider ordering your copy of Steps To Change's Accountability and Awareness Journal (AAJ).  

Start to make a different life

12 weeks/84 days of reflection, awareness, theory notes, weekly planning pages to help bring together internal change and take back your life.  

Remember, it takes courage to become aware, to make different choices and ask for help.

So, dig out your courage you had when you were a toddler and you were fearlessly determined to walk, run and play.

Leah Marmulla

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