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Passion and eagerness at work

Passion and eagerness at work

By Maryanne Watts

Passion and Eagerness are not words usually associated with work.

Have you ever noticed in general conversation that most people hate Mondays?  You get the impression that not many people are either passionate or eager to be going to work.

Their entire focus is getting through the next 5 days until they can get to the weekend. Even then they grumble as they may only get a bit of time to do something that they are passionate and eager about.

I love Mondays

I wake up on Mondays and start to write my journal and love that it is a Monday.  To me it is always the first day of the week, a new day, a new week, a day when I can anticipate how productive I will be during the coming week.  

I look forward to learning new things, having time to Blog, either going to Toastmasters or Meditation group depending on the week, and riding Richie, knowing that every time I ride him we are both improving, however small the increment may be.

What Creates Passion?

Passion and purpose are very closely related.  Very few people are passionate about going to work to pay the rent or the mortgage.  They may be a little more passionate about the money that the work brings in when it can be spent on holidays or things that they are truly passionate about.

When there is no link between work and purpose, the working week is a drudge rather than something they are passionate about.  Every person has a purpose, and purpose can be as unique as every individual.  Finding a strong Why to the work you do makes it a lot easier.

Many people when asked what they want to be or do answer with the very broad statement.  I just want to be happy.  Happiness itself is a by-product of doing something that gives your life meaning or purpose.

Finding what truly makes you happy is akin to finding your purpose.  You might be happiest when helping other people, you might be happiest through self-expression, whether painting, dancing, singing, writing, playing or listening to music. 

A lot of people find happiness in other forms of creative expression like building or designing.  I know one lady who is happiest when she is making money work, and helping others to do the same.  Some are happy when working either in or for the natural world.

Everyone has at least one thing that they are passionate about and when they are doing it they are at their happiest, although the sad truth is that not everyone will find that thing.

They get so tied up in the drudgery of life that any dreams they may have had in their youth are completely cast aside, and so they never discover where their passion and their purpose is.

Adding Eagerness to Passion

You can be very passionate about something and yet not eager to do it.  I have found this a few times in my life, and the one thing that was stopping me from being eager about the pursuit of a passion was FEAR. 

For many the initial fear of their passion was drummed into them early in life.  If they pursue their passion they will be homeless and penniless.  Pursuing their passion as their purpose in life was impractical and they should get real.

Another FEAR for many is that what they are passionate about will express far too much about them.  It comes from their very soul, and they do not want anything that is so personal and part of themselves to be judged in any way. 

Fear of failure and even Fear of success are part and parcel of that fear.  Eagerness is generated when Fear is confronted head on.

When I was a teenager I used to ride regularly. I had a couple of horses and I would ride for hours and loved it.  I then had a young horse broken in for me and I was thrown off every day for a couple of months. 

I lost my eagerness to ride as fear took over.  For the next 25 years, I rode very little, and a few of those times where on horses that bolted, young and green ones that reared or bucked and my fear was compounded.  

 Three years ago, I decided that horse-riding had been a passion and it was worth getting over my fear, so I joined a proper riding school and started one half hour lesson a week. 

The first few rides were terrifying.  Not just being on the horse, but anything to do with them.  I was then given a young unbroken horse.  I was going to re-visit my youth!!!

Although some days can still give me serious butterflies in the stomach, I now look forward with eagerness to my time with horses as I love it.

I am also learning step by step to conquer my fears and every day that I do not give in to fear is a productive day.  Some days I just catch my now broken horse and brush him and spend a little time with him as the butterflies are making me shake, but even that is a step forward.


When Passion and Eagerness become a regular part of your life, when fear is conquered and you are living life with Purpose then you are functioning at a higher vibration. 

This has kick on effects of making you happier, raising your immune system, lowering stress and generally making you a much more pleasant and healthier person to be around. 

Pursuing Passion and Eagerness may seem selfish, but if it reduces the stress and anger in the world, then it is a very good thing.   Take time to work out your Passion and Purpose and integrate it into your life, it is one of the very best things you can do.

Love and Light




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