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Office art can improve employee productivity...

Office art can improve employee productivity

By John Lechner

Office art can improve employee productivity, increase happiness and raise profits!

Of course, I am going to say that, I am an artist, it is how I make my living. But what if one of the most respected business publications in the world FORBES said the same thing?

Well they have, twice in fact, recently. Read these two articles in Forbes on the subject:

Key points to note about office art

  1. Art inspires and unlocks creative potential
  2. Art helps connect with clients
  3. Art affects the atmosphere of a room
  4. Art improves employee experiences
  5. Art can be used to promote your brand

Office art can improve employee productivity

One survey of employees working in offices with artwork showed that 83 percent of the employees felt that artwork was important in the work environment.

Of those employees, 73 percent also said that their perceptions of their workplace and their work experiences would change if the art were removed. 

The reality is that as business aims to stand above the crowd, new ways to create a competitive advantage are vital. With the positive effects that office art can have on your team, your clients and your environment, art cannot be ignored as a way to build your own competitive advantage.

"Art in the workplace increases creativity and productivity, while reducing stress"

We have developed a 5 point workplace mood and ambiance blueprint. This blueprint allows us to help you identify potential blockages in your workplace, where we can focus our energy to get the best possible results. And importantly tailor's a solution for each of your key workspaces.

For instance, the office art in your reception space needs to be focused on creating an amazing first impression. It should energise both your team and visitors. But it also needs a story, something that can allow the mind to wander so that if guests unexpectedly spend a long time in your reception they can lose themselves in the artwork and the story.

We take the time to tailor a complete solution for you and your team. Additionally we have access to a variety of art including original works and limited edition prints direct from local Australian artists. We do not supply cheap imported art.

We help you from the art selection to the installation to minimise the impact on you and your business. Finally, we have partners with finance options meaning that you are able to set up a financing option to expense your art over 2-3 years instead of an upfront capital cost.

For hassle free office art we are the specialists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Central Coast and the Newcastle Hunter region.

Book your free consultation TODAY call 0449 105 295 or email john@johnlechnerart.com.au.

Have an awesome day!

John Lechner
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