My Food Philosophy by Leslie The Happy Health Coach

My Food Philosophy by Leslie The Happy Health Coach

By Leslie Thompson

Developing Your Food Philosophy

For someone who could spend all day looking through recipe books and sifting through all the ingredients, the last thing I really want to be doing is spending all my time in the kitchen.

Food, for me, is about creating a beautiful meal, designed to nourish our bodies. It brings me happiness to know how to create highly nutritious meals to feed my self and my loved ones, but there is still so much more to life than cooking and cleaning up the dirty dishes.

Energy Levels

I’m an adventurer, a do’er, a ball of bursting energy that desires to meet a multitude of amazing people, vibrant places for all sorts of purposes and pleasures. And for me to be able to operate on such a vibrant level and enhance my thirst for life, I equally need to feed myself that same energy.

Food is fuel for humans, and that is how I look at it. For every crumb that goes into my mouth, I am very aware of whether it will have a positive, neutral or negative impact on me, and knowing this means, I can make the best decisions for my body ahead of time.

Fitness - Mind and Body

It is that same approach with your career, for example, if you know you have a busy day coming up, you are going to ensure that you give yourself enough rest the night before and do what you can to be prepared for the up coming work schedule. For me, there is always a place for food to play an important part of that, in my opinion.

I used to be married to a professional soccer player and it astounded me how nutrition did not play a vital part in their performance, or career, for that matter.

One particular player would eat mud cake and red creaming soda for breakfast and it was no surprise that he suffered from a lot of injuries through out the soccer season and was never part of the starting line up.

Taking the time to really understand which foods bring about the most energy and nourishment for your body means that whatever job you are in, physical or not, your body can work with the nutrients that you feed it to replenish, recover and feed you optimally.

You know when you learn to ride a bike? And then the bike gets stored in the shed for many, many months or even years.

When you get ‘back on the bike’ you’re a bit wobbly from neglecting that skill, even though, thankfully our amazing bodies have stored that muscle memory. Learning to really understand what food does to your body is about re-learning that same skill and awareness.

Every mum out there can recall when they first introduced solids to their newborn. Remember that concentrated, focused look on your child’s face as they curiously experienced this new texture and taste in their mouths? That is the very type of awareness we need to bring back to start re-introducing that food-body awareness.

Taste and Smell not just Nutrition 

The ultimate food experience is about immersing yourself in the whole food process. Admiring the colours, smells, atmosphere. Feeling the texture of different foods, savouring the flavours and really chew, chew, chewing your food so that your mouth resembles somewhat of a powerful Vitamix blender.

The more you chew, the less pressure you are putting on your digestive system to have to work harder to further breakdown the food and extract the nutrients. That energy can be spent outwardly, doing the things you love.

So it is all about really understanding how food affects you, your body, mind and soul so you can make it work for you and reap the benefits of the amazing energy it is capable of providing you with.

Food is a fantastic place to begin your journey of self-awareness and self-discovery. It is a tangible way of being able to see how we let the outside world in and how to make choices for ourselves so that we can perform at our very best.

If you can look as food as fuel for your body, a vital energy source required to help bring out the very best of you, then you are really going to gain some really beautiful insight into yourself and also be able to give your best to others.

Let me know what foods bring out the best energy in you and what helps you thrive!


The Happy Health Coach


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