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Mind Hack for Work Stress - Free Webinar


Mind Hack for Work Stress

By Jessica May Tang

Hacking your mind to avoid work stress

Work stress is one of the most complex and most exhausting kinds of stress. It interferes with your ability to sleep, which then affects your ability to handle stress the next day! 

Last week, I held a free 30 minute webinar, “Mind Hack for Work Stress,” in which I discuss one crucial mind-trap when it comes to stress called the “scarcity” mindset. This mindset is most likely causing you most if not ALL of your stress at work!

Scarcity Mindset

The scarcity mindset is one that we’ve all most likely picked up in our childhoods. If you’ve ever heard or said, “I (we) can’t afford that,” or “there aren’t enough jobs around,” or “You have to go to college to become a doctor/lawyer or you’ll never have enough money to take care of your family,” these are all examples of scarcity mindset.

Just reading these phrases stresses you out a little, right? Having a mindset of scarcity creates thoughts of “not-enough-ness” – there’s not enough money, food, time, energy, sunlight, work, jobs, love, etc.

And these thoughts create the stress that we experience when it comes to finding and applying for jobs, asking your boss for a raise, talking to your friends or family when they do something you don’t like, or saying no when your boss dumps another project on your desk when you’re already pulling 12 hour days.

Due to the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like, when you hold such scarcity thoughts in your mind all day long, you’re actually attracting more of the same thoughts, or situations that trigger these thoughts! Every time you think, “I need more money,” you’re attracting situations that trigger you to keep thinking, “I need more money”!

Abundance Mindset

Abundance is defined by Merriam Webster as “plentifulness,” or in other words, “more-than-enough-ness.” Having a mindset that centers on abundance means that you’re also attracting more abundance into your life.

If “I need more money” becomes, “I have more than enough money,” your experience of life will shift and you’ll start experiencing situations that trigger you to think that you do indeed have more than enough money.

So how can you start shifting into an abundance mindset?

What if you’re not feeling abundant? What if you don’t have any abundance?

Check out my free webinar to learn more!

You can register at  damonwellness.com/gifts  to see the replay. 

In this free 30 minute webinar, "Mind Hacks for Work Stress, I discuss: 

  • Why typical stress management advice doesn't work 
  • How I designed a system where it does work like it's supposed to 
  • What Success Mindset with Jessica is and how it works 
  • One of the WORST mindsets you can have at work that's causing you MOST if not all of your stress
  • How to shift into abundance mindset to receive more abundance in your life
  • Where to go from here?

Register at at damonwellness.com/gifts! Hope you enjoy! 


Damon Wellness

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