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Meet Leah Marmulla from Healthy Eats

Leah Marmulla Healthy Eats Wellbeing at work

By John Lechner

Meet Leah Marmulla

I am very happy to introduce Leah Marmulla as the newest member of our contributor team for the Wellbeing at Work blog. 

Leah and I got to sit down recently and have a chat. I hope you enjoy Leah's work, check out her first blog - Wellness – Wellbeing – Happiness.

So here we go, straight into our interview.

John:   Where are you based? 

Leah:   Port Stephens, in NSW Australia

John:   It's a beautiful part of the world, I love the sunrises from the beach at Shoal Bay, just beautiful. So, where did you grow up? 

Leah:   Gladstone, in Central Queensland, moved to NSW about 26 years ago

John:   What is your area of passion/expertise?

Leah:   Helping people achieve their dreams by making informed choices

John:   What drives you?

Leah:   An unknown force that magnetises me to help people where they are at.  I don’t have a burning ambition, I really just choose to do.

John:   What do you do and who do you help?

Leah:   I work with people who are feeling lost, overwhelmed and challenged by their health or way of life. I do this by helping them see where they currently are, explore their desires, beliefs, values. I teach them how to support their body, and help them release the limiting blocks that are holding them in place.

John:   Where is your favourite place to travel to?

Leah:   Home, it is on the beach, close to the village, calm, peaceful and picturesque.  

John:   What is the one place/thing is at the top of your bucket list that you haven’t got to yet?

Leah:   Spending a year living in a country overseas to experience and learn a different way of living.  Rural France, Italy, or even South America would be possible choices.

John:   Travel, food and drinking are all linked, do you have a favourite travel story that includes food or drink?

Leah:   The time when we stumbled across a little pub in Rome during an argument about not preparing accommodation for that night.  The food was excellent, the drink was cheap and the fun of guessing the artists playing on the jukebox made for spontaneous karaoke when we were the only English speaking people in the place.

John:   If you had $1000 spare and no rules on how to spend it what would you do?

Leah:   Paint my house and make it just mine.

John:   If people want to know more about you where is the best place for them to find you?

Leah:   I am most proflific on Facebook - @Shadowfinder, you can also connect with me on Linkedin as LeahMarmulla.

Check out Leah's first blog here - Wellness – Wellbeing – Happiness.


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