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Introducing Kelvin (Kel) Holliday from Transformational Group

Introducing Kelvin Kel Holliday from Transformational Group

Meet Kelvin (Kel) Holliday

By John Lechner

Recently I sat down to chat with Kel about life, travel and business. I am really excited to have Kel on the blogging team. Kel will contribute to both our Wellbeing at Work and our Biz Tips Blogs. Please join me in welcoming Kel to the team.

John:   Where are you based?

Kelvin:   Head office in Broadmeadow (Newcastle, NSW Australia) with satellite office in West Burleigh on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

John:   Where did you grow up?

Kelvin:   Kurri Kurri and Merewether (Newcastle) NSW Australia.

John:   What is your passion?

Kelvin:   I am passionate about being a catalyst of transformation to help people live their dream and life to the full.  Expertise is in Leadership and Team Culture

John:   What drives you?

Kelvin:   Seeing the penny drop as people capture their Ah-ha moment.

John:   What do you do and who do you help?

Kelvin:   Recent studies show that the three most common stresses leading people is team conflict, motivation and staff retention. So then, why is it, that so many leaders don’t invest their time in developing their skills and resilience to face these issues?

I solve this...

With over 30 years experience leading teams from 3 to 175 I have developed the tools, systems and partnerships that will accelerate your team culture and organisational strengths to a whole new level.

This was recognised internationally in 2015 by media giants Fox and ABC when I was listed on the “Top 10 Professionals” list for “Leadership and Team Systems”.

Some of the organisations I have share the secrets and key influences of leadership and team building with include: Business Enterprise Centres, Alliance Insurance, ICare, Training Services NSW.

John:   Where is your favourite place to travel to?

Kelvin:   Anywhere with space to explore and be in the outdoors. Camping and fishing makes it better.

John:   What is the one place/thing is at the top of your bucket list that you haven’t got to yet?

Kelvin:   Sailing the Greek Islands.

John:   Travel food and drink are intrinsically linked, what is your favourite travel story involving food or drink?

Kelvin:   In 2016, while riding 500km through Thailand, the experience of eating within the culture was an experience I'll never forget. The food was delicious and VERY different to what I had ever before tasted. Its given me the bug (not stomach type) to take further adventure tours though remote locations in overseas countries.

John:   If you had $1000 spare and no rules on how to spend it what would you do

Kelvin:   I’ve always wanted to do a Barramundi Charter. $1000 is the approximate cost of a day trip which I think is over the top but I'd do it!

John:   If people want to know more about you where is the best place for them to find you?

Kelvin:   Linkedin is best Kelvin Holliday.


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