Introducing Jessica May Tang from Damon Wellness

Jessica May Tang Damon Wellness

By John Lechner

I am very excited to introduce the lovely Jessica May Tang as our first guest blogger for the Wellbeing at Work Blog. I interviewed Jessica so we could all get to know her better.

John: So where did you grow up?

Jessica: The San Francisco Bay area in California USA.

John: Awesome, I haven't been there yet. Tell me if I was heading so San Fran what are the three must dos, while in San Fran?


1. Hike Mission Peak in Fremont. It's the highest peak in the East Bay, so its gruelling, but you get to see a very nice view of the bay at the top. 
2. Visit Indian Rock in Berkeley for different view - this time of the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.
3. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands and check out the View Point. 
4. One more! Visit the Ferry Building Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. 

John: So where are you based now?

Jessica:  Culver City, California. It's in LA

John: Oh yeah I know the place, nice and close to LAX and sort of between LAX and Santa Monica.

So tell me what do you do?

Jessica: I help CEOs and business owners reinvent their company cultures into ones that foster employee engagement and wellness to increase their bottom line and decrease the risk of lawsuits, worker’s comp claims, and healthcare costs. I offer packages that include ergonomic assessments, wellness workshops, and individual strengths-based coaching.

John: That's really cool, so what drives you?

Jessica: The desire to help others find and reach their fullest potential so they can live happy, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

John: Ok, but what about businesses, how do you help them?

Jessica: My passion is in helping people become happier and healthier so that they can find fulfilment and engagement in their everyday jobs and lives. My expertise is in strengths based coaching, holistic wellness, and ergonomics.

John: Ok, time to switch it up a bit, I am all about travel, so tell me what is your favourite place to travel to?

Jessica: Anywhere out in the woods!

John: So do you like to hike or camp? Are there any great woods to explore close to LA?

Jessica:  I love to camp, especially wherever it's green! I just like being outdoors, unplugged from the internet, hiking during the day and reading and spending quality time together with my boyfriend. Family camping trips are also fun! Much more noisy, but fantastic in its own way. My parents always bring at least 5 coolers of food that we never finish, and it's all delicious! 

Here in LA, we like to go up to the Angeles National Forest. It's not very green, but it's an easy escape (only 1.5 hrs away from home WITH LA traffic) and it's usually warm enough at night to leave the rain fly, fall asleep under the stars, and wake up to the sun peeking up over the mountains and trees. Our new favourite place is King's Canyon, and for longer trips, Zion. Oh the scenery during road trips through Arizona and Utah are to die for!

John: What is the one place/thing is at the top of your bucket list that you haven’t got to yet?

Jessica: Backpacking through Europe and SE Asia for three to six months.

John: Travel, food and drinking are all linked, do you have a favourite travel story that includes food or drink?

Jessica:  I was 15 years old, eating in a breakfast diner in Hong Kong with my parents and my 12-year-old brother. We had just ordered our family breakfast of rice congee, youtiao (a Chinese donut of sorts), and Hong Kong style macaroni and ham breakfast soup, my dad’s favourite. My mother was a bit grumpy already.

In Hong Kong, they allow smoking indoors, something she abhors. The diner we were in was filled with early morning construction workers, so the smoke was heavy in the air. Every few minutes, my mother pointedly and loudly coughed and my brother and I would cringe in embarrassment because we just looked so sorely American. As teenagers, the worst thing is to stick out as “different,” right?

As we waited for the food, my mother continued coughing futilely, and in between each cough, we began to catch snippets of the conversations happening around us. And sprinkled in with every other word, it seemed, there were none other than entire strings of Cantonese expletives.

My brother and I looked at each other across the table as our eyes widened in shock, then amusement. We looked over at my dad as his eyes also widened. My dad had taught us the meaning of a few expletives in Cantonese as we had asked over the years upon hearing them from family members. But here we were sitting at a breakfast diner at 7am and hearing these construction workers swearing like sailors over their breakfast about mundane things like what they had for dinner the previous night or what they thought about the popular TV drama!

My brother, my dad, and I couldn’t hold it in any longer and we burst out laughing. My mom finally caught on after a little while, turned red with embarrassment, and then started laughing herself too. She tried to cover our ears and we just laughed harder. We enjoyed our breakfast that morning amongst wide-eyed glances, knowing that we were all taking mental “Oh…so that’s how you swear in Canto” notes.

John: If you had $1000 spare and no rules on how to spend it what would you do?

Jessica: This might be a “lame” response, but I would definitely put it either back into my
business or into my retirement savings.

John: Finally if people want to contact you direct to find out more about how you help people and businesses, what is the best way?

Jessica: The easiest is either via my website or via Facebook at @damonwellness

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