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Introducing Coach Barb

Introducing Coach Barb

By John Lechner

Meet Coach Barb - Barbara Berenguer-Negrin

Coach Barb joins the Wellbeing blog from sunny Miami Florida. I have only been to Miami once but sitting on South Beach, drinking the biggest beer I have ever seen while Kim tried to tackle a Mojito that was as big as her head, I am not likely to forget it.

The parade or cars and people was amazing. I remember this one guy walked past several times with a large iguana on his shoulder and back. Any how enough of my reminiscing lets meet Coach Barb.

Barb is a Miami local having grown up there and now runs her business from the sunny city.

Barb is passionate about people. Her expertise is in wellbeing and personal development. Barb is driven by a good challenge drives. She is always looking for learn new ways, new things and finding new opportunities.

I asked Barb "what do you do and who do you help?"

"I am a Happy Coach! Focusing on Wellbeing & Career Coaching. Helping Women achieve their goals, so they can feel joyful, powerful & HAPPY."

Barb loves Spain and has been there a lot. She recounts "My spouse and I love to travel. We go to Spain a lot, and I can remember one afternoon in 2010 we took a road trip towards Galicia. We were hungry and felt a little adventurous.

We drove into a small little town called Villafranca Del Bierzo. What a delightful small town. We ate lunch at a local restaurant the food was delicious and very affordable. The adventure continued we checked into a hostel and spent the weekend there. A great meal and weekend."

I asked Barb what was on her bucket list of places?

Amsterdam is at the top of Barb's list. The reason is that of the beautiful flowers that bloom in Spring.  One of my favourite artists is Vincent Van Gogh, and I would like to visit his museum. I have seen pictures and having a friend that lives in Holland will make this trip more memorable.

You can find Coach Barb here:

Web                 coachbarbcares.com

Twitter             @coach_barb1

Instagram       @coachbarb

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