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How To Keep Employees Engaged And Happy In The Workplace

How To Keep Employees Engaged And Happy In The Workplace

By Coach Barb

Engagement and Happiness are key in the modern workplace

Keeping employees engaged has become a necessity in the workplace.  A company has to recognise the importance of understanding the employees.  In every organisation big or small the employees should be treated with ultimate respect, and in return, they will treat the customers with respect. 

My background was in the staffing industry.  I dealt with coworkers, supervisors, clients, prospects, and employees.  The more engaged the employee, the better their outcomes.  I noticed the happiest employee was the one engaged. 

Are you asking yourself, how can I get my employees more engaged?  Below I will share with you what worked for me in the past and what works for me now.  


Your team needs to be trusted.  Start small, give your employee tasks with a due date.  After giving the instructions, walk away and trust.  Don’t micromanage, just wait until it’s completed then evaluate if the employee needs to improve in a particular area.  By trusting, you will free your time to do other tasks yourself.  Start small.

Positive work environment

Create a fun and exciting place to work.  Nowadays everyone wants to feel as if they belong.  To create a positive work environment, address issues as they arise.  If you know that a certain employee is creating problems, don’t ignore it, because you might lose the good and productive employee.  A happy work environment keeps your business moving in the right direction.  A positive employee will exude a positive attitude with your clients.  A win/win situation. 

Shorter meetings

Meetings are necessary, but if they are prolonged, they are ineffective.  Keep them short, have an agenda ready and follow the plan.  An organised meeting will help you address important issues and move on. 

Open communication

Having an open relationship with your staff and customers is important.  For example, if an employee comes with an issue, listen to him/her and communicate with an open mind.  The best way to have a productive conversation is to ask open-ended questions.  Keep the employee engaged and listen with the intention to understand, not to respond. 

In summary, it doesn’t matter how many employees your organization has; it is important to keep them engaged.  Remember, an engaged employee is a happy employee. 

How do you keep your employees engaged?

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Coach Barb

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