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How to increase productivity in the workplace - 5 easy tips

How to increase productivity in the workplace - 5 easy tips

By John Lechner

Employee productivity is critical for business success.

So you want to get more from your team, whether you have a great team or an OK team there are a number of things you can do to make changes easily and without spending thousands.

1. Increase Happiness

Now I know what you're thinking, how does my team's happiness effect my bottom line? Well it does in a massive way. Let's start with the stats:

Happy workers are 12% more productive. Yes 12% that's a huge gain without a huge effort. (Fastcompany}

Companies with happier employees will outperform their competition by 20%. 

So what can you do to increase happiness? 

  • Start with the obvious, what have your team been asking you to fix that you have avoided? 
  • Ask the team for ideas to make life more fun in the office
  • Change the routine, do something new and different. But also fun!

2. Small rewards go a long way

Had a win, big or small, share it and celebrate it with the team. Maybe order in pizzas or other takeaway to say thank you.

Take the afternoon off, close the office and take the team on an outing, go bowling, laser tag or some sort of outdoor activity as a team.

Say thank you more, and mean it!

3. FREE food & coffee

Sounds crazy right, but it is true, if your team has access to free food, they will be happier. Thing is you can do it in a way that you all feel better. For instance a free basket of mixed fruit delivered to your office every Monday is easy, cheap and will make a difference, plus it's a healthy snack.

If you're in the Hunter Valley call Sally & Patricks, they can deliver a box of fruit to your team every week from just $35. Call Sally on 02 4930 0490 to get fruit to your work.

We all love our coffee (well most of us). Did you know how much money is walking out your door every time one of your staff goes to the local cafe to do a coffee run?

The answer will stun you, it is far cheaper and more efficient for you to provide a FREE and fully serviced espresso machine for your team. 

4. Get fit together

In an office environment we can get competitive, so why now take it further and do a fitness activity together, perhaps some indoor sport, netball is fun. 

Or bring a personal trainer to the office once or twice to lead a PT session. Likewise you could try a yoga or pilates class in the office, maybe one of your team can lead it or bring in an expert for an hour a week.

Physical and mental health is so important in the workplace so find ways where you can show you care and make a positive impact on your team.

5. Change the environment

Your workspace has an effect on your energy, creativity, mood and so much more. The reality is that little things can make a huge difference to your workspace.

Having plants in your office can bring positive energy. Just make sure that they don't die. Another way to bring colour and mood into your environment is with artwork. You can rent or buy art to suit your team, the workspace and the mood.

How to increase productivity in the workplace - 5 easy tips

We can help you with rentals from under $80 per month or framed or glass artworks from as little as $500. Call John today to see how he can help you, 0449 105 295 or email john@johnlechnerart.com.au.

Remember the number one key to improving productivity in your workplace is employee happiness. Make these little changes TODAY and start seeing the improved productivity in your team and a better bottom line for you.

For more tips check out our Wellbeing at Work blog.

Have an awesome day!

John Lechner
Travel | Art | Photography
+61 449 105 295




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