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Helping Your Team Spring (or Autumn) Clean...Their Minds?

Helping Your Team Spring (or Autumn) Clean...Their Minds?

By Jessica May Tang

Clearing the Junk Mail from Your Brain

Did you know that we all think about 50,000 thoughts a day? That's 35 thoughts a minute! 

Out of those 50,000 thoughts a day, 90% of them are automatic. When was the last time you thought about how to put your shoes on? Or how to start your car? So many of our thoughts need to go on autopilot, or our brains would explode from all that slow processing of decisions to make each day.

Because of this cool brain feature, we are all also holding on to some old thoughts and behaviour patterns that we first developed in response to (good or bad) stressful events and kept using and reinforcing over years and years of repetitive and automatic use. 

Out of these automatic thoughts, when was the last time you slowed down to examine whether each of them still worked for you or not? 

Here are a couple very common ones that business owners address:

  1. Productivity means "doing what you gotta do no matter what," which really means no breaks.
  2. I need to physically see everyone working in the office.
  3. Employees need to do what I say in order for the company to succeed.
  4. There's not enough time for employees to pitch their creative solutions in order to choose the best one. There are deadlines we need to meet.

Do these ring true for you?

If not, are your actions, thought patterns, and systems around business, work, and your team correctly reflecting your real beliefs? Or are you just doing what you've been told to do by a business mentor or coach or the age-old "it's always been done this way" thought pattern?

These are tough questions to answer, and it isn't easy to spring clean your mind at all, but the benefits are astronomical. You'll discover thought patterns that are blocking your company from reaching its fullest potential, which means you'll have the choice to change them into ones that are actually aligned with your goals for yourself as a business owner as for your company!

Spring cleaning your mind gets rid of all the junk you've been believing on autopilot, opening up space for new beliefs, behaviours, and innovation that will put you on a faster track to longer-lasting success.

While you're doing through this process, why not invite your team to do the same?

Encourage your team to do some Mindful Spring (Autumn) Cleaning this quarter.

Share this idea of Mindful Spring Cleaning with your team and maybe go through the process together. You can all take a look at your beliefs and behaviour patterns around the activities you partake in each day, the decisions you make, and the roles that you fill, from parent to child to coworker to boss to employee.

Each of you may notice that there are more blocks in your life than you think, which can be overwhelming, but remember that awareness is the first step. One you are aware of the patterns that don't serve you anymore, feel empowered by the fact that you can change them!

To combat feelings of overwhelm and frustration, I will be on Facebook Live every Monday and Thursday for the entire month of April to walk my community through Mindful Spring Cleaning in an easy and systematic way. I invite you and your team to come join us on Facebook and get support from my videos and my community as we all go through the process together.

Quick tip: You are safe.

When finding old patterns that you want to change, try your best to figure out where it came from and why it started. Usually our brains first adopted the pattern as a response to fear - it sensed danger at the time and therefore was trying to keep us safe. So one of the most helpful affirmations that I've discovered is, "I am safe. I deserve to feel safe and loved, and there's no need to be afraid of that anymore. I am safe."

If you or your team want more support in releasing old blocks and reaching success as a company faster...

I offer corporate wellness services that aim to save you money, provide customised wellness education and workshops, and 1:1 coaching to teams to support them in reaching their potential as excellent, super-productive, happy, and healthy team members.

With my wellness services, I will support you and your team in sussing out the old patterns that they don't want to keep anymore in a systematic manner, choose new ones that are more aligned with each employee and his/her goals, and maintain these new patterns for long-term success in life and career.

Learn more here! Or contact me to learn more.

Original article posted on Damon Wellness Blog.


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