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Health Tips: Your morning routine for healthy living

Healthy morning routine

By Leslie Thompson

What You Should Be Doing to Start Your Day the Healthy Way?

What the "Experts" say...

Tony Robbins goes straight for a 13 degree cold plunge and keeps himself submerged for a full minute. Read more on Business Insider

Entrepreneur.com provides a six-step, 24-minute morning routine, that gives you a minute-by-minute time frame on morning success habits.

And businnessinsider.com shares the routines of 12 highly influential people that set themselves up for success where some of the first things these guys do are:

  • Check their inbox
  • Catch up on news
  • Putting the physical body on autopilot
  • 5 minutes of quite reflection
  • Hot water with lemon
  • Checks international markets
  • Pushes the dog off
  • Drinks 700mls of water
  • Consumes a wide variety of newspapers
  • Gets outside right away
  • Music

These are all great, interesting and insightful approaches to starting off the day in a successful way. And, in my quest for peace, serenity, health and wellness, I can honestly say I’ve tried just about all of them, except checking the international markets-that does not fluff my doona in any way, shape or form!

But, as I brave this internal journey of self-discovery and stay focused on my goals, I’m getting quite clear on who I am and what I want.

And it does not involve plunging into a 13-degree pool on the first day of winter, quite the contrary.

Every Thursday morning (today) involves me needing to be out the door in a suitable fashion, appropriately dressed and professionally approachable by 6:30am at the latest.

This is for my BNI meetings where I have the opportunity to talk business, learn business, network, refer and always gain some invaluable insights.

Admittedly, for this Happy Health Coach, these meetings are like a Saturday night for this low-key, health freak, so I have a great time there!

This morning I woke up cold, wishing I could stay wrapped up in my duck feather doona like a tightly wrapped burrito with extra hot salsa sauce (first day of winter literally blew the wind through me!), but knowing this was not an option.

So, instead of the usual rough self-talk I would’ve done in the past (‘Get up! You’re so lazy, Have a shower, do this, do that…) (SHUT-UP!), I opted for a far more gentler approach, and had quite the gentle conversation rolling around in my head as to what might get me positively out of my warm, beautiful and comfortable bed.

Lately, I’ve been listening to anything I can find on Esther and Jerry Hicks through You Tube. I’ve been exposed to another version of Law of Attraction, and I know I’m becoming more open to it, because it’s making more sense than ever before.

So, as I listened to the encouraging words of ‘match your frequency to that of the “vortex”’ I took a very brief walk down memory lane to visualise moments when I thought I was experiencing “vortex” living.

I thought it was when I was literally bouncing out of my skin with uncontrollable excitement and wondered why I couldn’t wake up with that almost manic enthusiasm?

Instantly, it occurred to me, when I was really in the “vortex”, really focused, really passionate, really thriving and really getting what I wanted, I was calm, determined, confident, focused, happy, joyful…present.

Not the manic enthusiast who can’t control herself and quite possibly annoyed those around her!

So, knowing this, and being aware of it, I just simply have to get myself back in that zone, that emotional level, that “vortex”.

Hmm…how does an over-enthusiastic, ‘all-or-nothing’, almost bi-polar (I’m sure) and undiagnosed ADHD (except by friends) calm her proverbial farm and get in the “vortex”?

For me (and, everyone is different here), it’s through meditating. And not listening to tapes, CD’s, iTunes, MP3’s, self talk, his talk, or her talk. It’s literally finding my own silence.

It’s setting my timer for 20 minutes, noticing head chatter, appreciating it and allowing it to move on out so I can get in touch with my current vibration.

You see, we all operate differently, some people like to hit the ground running and don’t stop till bed time-not a thing wrong with that at all.

Me, knowing how I function, I do need to take a softer approach. An approach that’s going to put me in the zone without feeling like I’m limited, stressed, over-worked and underpaid.

A feeling of calm, confidence-you know-all the stuff I mentioned I am when I am in the “vortex”.

For me, emotions have been my Everest. I’ve always allowed them to control me. So, if I was experiencing and feeling hurt for whatever reason, instead of letting that be a really clear indication that I’m not in alignment with what I want, I milked that emotion for all it was worth and put on an Oscar winning performance receiving five-star reviews.

But, as I learn more and more about how we’re programmed and why we have emotions and feelings, it now excites me (in a relatively calm fashion) that these wonderful emotions are nothing more that a personal indicator of alignment. Aren’t we magical creatures!!!!

Anyway-back to morning routines!!!!

What came of this morning were a few insights I wish to share that hopefully help, but since we’re living in a world of polarity, there’s always the case that it may just not.

To learn a new habit, one must be focused, conscious and know why they want to adapt to this new way of being.

Creating my own business, determined to have my own independence and raise two beautiful boys has quite possibly been the funniest, craziest, emotional experience I have ever endured and is quite the stretch when I’ve chosen to take on a new, unfamiliar way of life that I’m not accustomed to.

So it’s imperative that I learn the art of getting oneself into the “vortex”. Spending 20 silent minutes with myself, first thing in the morning is something I need to do if I want to move towards my goals.

Because, allowing my emotions to run on auto-pilot means I can quite easily allow myself to be taken off task, and opt for the more enjoyable, easy and satisfying fixes that take me off my path to my success, as that has been the habits and patterns I’ve created for myself.

What I’ve learnt by attempting to copy the wealthy, successful and entrepreneurial is that while their successful morning routines are fun to follow for about a week, it turns out, I actually don’t want what they want and I’m not who they are.

They have their morning routines because it gets them to where they want to be. They have their own visions, goals and motives.

And since we’re all so unique, the thought of checking my inbox or reading newspapers sounds like absolute arse to me and not something that I find to be worth while in growing my business.

So what I’m trying to say here is it’s essential to listen to yourself, find the beat of your own drum, check in with your emotions and figure out a morning routine that literally brings a smile to your face just by thinking about it.

Because, if it’s not making you feel good, then you’re out of alignment my friend.

So my morning ended up in me taking the time to run a hot bath with coconut oil, doTerra Balance essential oil and Epsom bath salts ready for a day of calm, confident and warm relaxation, because I knew I had a lot to get through and I needed to kindly get myself in the “vortex”.

And it was quite possibly way better than jumping into any cold jacuzzi with Tony Robbins himself.

Find your personal morning routine and share it with us in the comments below.


The Happy Health Coach

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