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Habits got you into the wrong comfort zone?

Habits got you into the wrong comfort zone

By Maryanne Watts

Our brains are wired to create habits. 

Some habits are good, and following them will ultimately lead to success.  A lot of habits are not so good, and they will ultimately keep us stuck in our comfort zones.  It sounds good to be comfortable, but the other description for comfort zone is Stuck in a Rut.

We all have Comfort Zones of Thought

Recently I made a few changes in my life, and it was an uncomfortable process.  Even though I wanted to make the changes, I still found it uncomfortable.  Our comfort zones of thought make change harder than it should be.

Do you tend to worry?  Worry is a useless thought pattern and emotion.  To continually worry about an outcome blocks the ability to brainstorm solutions.  I am aware of this.  I am also aware that my habit of thought is to worry. 

The more we try and fight the habit that we have, the more it intensifies, so it is better to dissolve it, with just a little extra effort every day. Notice when an old habit of thought is surfacing, and to say "Hello old thought pattern, today I am going to try something new". 

Then consciously switch your thoughts to solutions, or even just an awareness of what is right in front of you. Stay grounded in the present moment, it is enough to stop the old habit from taking over.

Love is the Answer

I not only tend to worry, but also to be intolerant of failure in myself.  A few of my friends find that hilarious as I am very tolerant of other people.  Forgive and forget has been a very big part of my life, but not for myself. 

When you are a perfectionist then not only do you worry as a habit, you tend to worry about the fact that you worry. Not a good way to create the life I want to have as what we think today; we will live tomorrow.

Loving all of yourself involves being gentle with the old habits that no longer serve you. Gently greet them. Accept that they are there Acknowledge the history that went into making them. 

Centre yourself in the here and now, and consciously and deliberately think new thoughts.  It doesn't work doing it just once or twice, it must become a new habit of awareness and renewal and creative thinking. Sometimes gradually, sometimes quite suddenly, you are out of the rut and into a new pattern of thought and growth.

Thought Habits are Your Action Habits

Every action is preceded by a thought, we do have to think, to move.  Some of our thoughts are so fast and habitual that we are not aware of the thought prior to the action been taken.  

Procrastination involves thoughts, just as finally getting on and writing a blog post involves thought and action. You must be aware of your thought processes, those that lead to procrastination, those that lead to productive work habits. 

Awareness is key so that you can change your thoughts and therefore DO the actions that are wanted which will ultimately lead to the results that you want.

Changing a Habit of Thought is not always easy, it requires diligence, patience and awareness. Creating new habits of positive thought that lead to the actions that lead us to the Change we desire to see in our life, is a habit well worth developing.

Love and Light



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