Giving the extraordinary effort

Giving the extraordinary effort

By Maryanne Watts

Ordinary or extraordinary?

Yesterday at the gym our personal instructor was not impressed by the effort our group was putting in to the warm up session.  He gave us a bit of a rouse up and a great bit of inspiration.  

Extra-ordinary is putting that bit of extra into the ordinary.  We can warm up at the gym at 60% of capability, and do the main bit at 60%, and do our normal day at 60%.  The results will be 60% of what we are capable of.  

Most people do not put in 100% effort into everything they do.  Most people are ordinary, working within the comfort zone of just enough.

On the way home from the gym I was thinking about the idea of being extra-ordinary.  A lot of people assume that they will never be extra-ordinary and are quite happy to settle for ordinary.  It gets them through life. 

I was wondering what some people I know would be like if they put in that bit of extra into their ordinary.  It was a scary thought. 

Their ordinary life is one of bitching, complaining, worrying, gossiping, blaming and boredom.  Putting a bit of extra into that ordinary would be disastrous.

What are the ordinary habits, where a bit of extra would not lead to more drama but to a hugely improved life?

Embrace Change. 

Change is always happening whether you like it or not.  When you are afraid to change, life becomes very stressful as you try to control the uncontrollable.

Talk about Ideas. 

Ideas expand the mind and opens creativity.  Talking about people often leads to tearing them down, being judgmental and helps create a narrow, prejudiced view of life.

Take Responsibility for Failures. 

The results you get in life are your responsibility. How you react or respond to circumstances is your choice.  Only when you take responsibility can you change things.  Blaming others for your circumstances means that you have no ability to change the outcome.

Continuously Learn New Things. 

There is always something new to learn, a better way of doing things, a better outcome you can aspire to.   Assuming you know everything, you need to know limits your life to what you have today.  You cannot do better if you do not know better.

Give Compliments. 

Notice what is good or beautiful or nice about someone.  Complimenting people encourages growth.  Criticising people does not improve them.  Pointing out a person’s faults does not inspire them to greatness.

Forgive Others. 

It takes a lot of energy to hold negative emotions about another person.  Forgiving releases, the pain, negativity and heavy emotions and allows a person to move on.

Holding a grudge is like wanting to give another person poison while drinking it yourself.  The only person you are damaging is yourself.

Practice Gratitude. 

Every day there is something that you can be grateful for.  The more you practice gratitude the more things you will find to be grateful about.  Being ungrateful means that you are always searching for more and feeling like that you never have enough in life even when your life is great.

Is your ordinary something you would be willing to add extra too?  Do you consider life painful now?  What if it became extra painful?

There are ordinary habits of thought, habits of Being that lead to a more enjoyable life.  If you would like to move to a life that is more enjoyable, productive and a blessing to others email me at

Love and Light


Being Your Thoughts

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