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Get more energy: 3 simple steps to give you more energy every day

Get more energy: 3 simple steps to give you more energy every day

By Tracey Cullen

From Exhausted to Energised - 3 simple steps to get more energy

We are very good at passing off feelings of tiredness and blame a lot of things in our life. It's my job, the long hours, it's all the running around after the kids, maybe I'm not eating the right food.

These all have merit, but, there are many other factors that sap your energy that you don't even realise. It's like our phone when we have a number of pages or apps open, (guilty) flattening our battery. We can do the same to ourselves when we have a number of open thoughts in our head.

To help simplify your life, below are 3 steps to give you more energy in your every day activities.

1) Clean out the Clutter in your Wardrobe

Cleaning out the clutter in our car, house, or computer always makes us feel better when it's done and makes us feel much more in control of the situation. We feel energised. The same can be said if we declutter our wardrobe.

However, it's a bit harder to get in and do this, because our wardrobe's are such a personal space for us. They can hold a lot of memories, some good and most of the time, not that good. Like the clothes you used to fit into and hope to again.

I hope you do too, but while they sit there, emotions of disappointment, failure and frustration rear there ugly heads and sap you of energy, every time you look at them.

Then there's the feeling of guilt, you have spent so much money on these items, you couldn't just throw them away. Yet you never wear them. Another negative feeling depleting your energy levels and adding to the clutter that makes it hard to find something to wear.

Let's turn this situation upside down and imagine a wardrobe you get excited about, a wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy and fun, a wardrobe in which every piece has earned it's right to be there and makes you feel fabulous and confident, generating positive energy and giving you a boost.

A few strategies to help you declutter your wardrobe -

  1. Have all your coat-hangers facing the one way, when you use an item turn that coat hanger around. After a period of time, say 6 weeks or a couple of months check to see what you are wearing all the time. The 80/20 rule is the same in our wardrobe. What 20% are you wearing 80% of the time?
  2. Go through your wardrobe and place all the clothes you discarded into big zipper bags. Don't throw them away immediately, give yourself a bit more time to think about it, if you want. After a couple of months though, if you haven't missed these pieces, hand them over to an op shop or toss, depending on their condition.

2) Spend Money on the Look you want

There are 2 energy exhaustive's here, one on the money we waste on clothes we don't wear, (average 80% translates into $000's) and secondly not knowing what you like.

It's the same as going grocery shopping without a list. A bit of a hit and miss affair. Wasting your time, energy and money, especially on the items you brought without a plan to use them and that eventually get tossed in the bin.

So what looks do you like? How do you want to be perceived by others?  These are 2 key questions that I ask my clients.

Knowing the answers to these questions, helps you to focus on creating your new style. It takes time though to work this out. Build an inspiration board, ask yourself what you don't like, how you don't want to be perceived or create a Pinterest account.  Whatever it takes, it is time well spent. Remember the saying, 'a failure to plan is a plan to fail".

Having an idea of the way you want to look, the more specific here the better, will definitely increase your positive energy levels. It  will give you a direction, a focus, a sense of control in this space and eventually fun and creativity will follow.

You will save time and frustration when you are shopping and getting dressed. No more going around in circles while getting dressed as one of my clients explained.

Many of the high achievers nail this, think of Barack Obama, or Julie Bishop. They look great everyday, without giving it too much thought because they have taken the time to plan what they are wearing.

3) Feel Good in How you Present Yourself Everyday.

Many studies show that how we look has a huge effect on our physiological self. We truly underestimate the power of our image has on ourselves and like to down play it. Yet we see our reflection on average 55 times a day. Is this depleting your energy reserves or energising them?

So it's definitely worth making the effort everyday. If you have completed Steps 1 and 2 then Step 3 will be much easier.

What can you do to your overall look today that will make you feel good now? In this extreme Summer we are having, you might want to wear clothing that feels cooler on your body like natural fibres.

How are you going to do your hair, does your hairstyle give you options or are you well overdue for a new style? Would putting on makeup make you feel better even when you are at home? It might be wearing some sexy lingerie under a uniform that will put a spring in your step, no one needs to know except you. 

A casual dress in a shop made a client feel like Angelina Jolie (gold), another said " I don't feel big in this outfit". 

A gentleman was so chuffed that he could still look professional yet take risks in what he wore for work. 

Another lady got a haircut that suits her curly hair, it looks great and is easy to manage everyday. 

All these clients were able to look great everyday and their responses show that the right outfit, accessories and hairstyle can provide positive energy to power them through their day.

Again I ask the question what can you change to your overall look that will make you feel good everyday?

Coming from a space that's uncluttered, feeling in control and having a direction, plus feeling good about the way you look everyday will definitely boost your energy levels and have a positive effect on you.

These 3 simple but powerful strategies will help liberate yourself from exhaustion, put a smile on your dial and help you live a life with more energy.

Tracey Cullen is a qualified image consultant. Style for You her business can provide services to individuals and organisations so that they can project their best possible image and make this area of their life much easier and more effective.

If you would like more information about my consultations and style programs please click on the link to her website styleforyou.com.au.

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