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Coping with overwhelm

Coping with overwhelm

By Maryanne Watts

Are you overwhelmed?

It is easy to be organised, focused and productive when life is flowing smoothly but sometimes you find yourself in overwhelm. I firmly believe in simplifying life and creating a work life balance.  

At the moment, life has become more complicated.  It is not all bad.  I am very happily planning for my wedding in 6 weeks.  My first book is with Bookbaby and will be available for purchase at about the same time as my wedding.

My elderly father is now in hospital and not doing well.  Regular visits to him require going out a few nights a week and time on the weekend.  We are also moving house.  It will require that I take up a longer commute morning and night to work, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Life does not always go exactly to plan.  Here are five steps I find invaluable in helping to get things done and to not feel overwhelmed.

1.  Meditate, or take a moment. 

When thoughts are muddled, it is time to sit back and breathe.  Adding task on task is like a juggler in a show spinning plates.  You move faster and faster but eventually it will fall over. Taking a breather, meditating, becoming centred allows you to switch off first and then refocus.

2.  Long Term Planner. 

Have a planner and a diary with all the long-term dates you need clearly displayed. It is easy to forget things if they are not written down.  Putting them onto a planner also gets them out of your head, which allows more room for creating solutions to any problems.

3.  A daily to do list. 

As a, past master at procrastination, I know how easy it is to put things off to another day.  A daily To-Do list means that the most important activities are done and keeps things from getting out of hand.

4.  One thing at a Time. 

I structure my list to make sure that the most important things are done first and foremost.   Trying to multi-task means tasks are not receiving the full and best attention that they could be. 

It is more productive to do one task as quickly and efficiently as possible before moving onto the next one.   When I have finished an item on the list I then take the time to return calls or answer texts before moving onto the next item on my list.

5.  Be flexible. 

The best laid plans of men oft go awry.  You are not always able to control what is going on around.   Take a deep breath, count to ten and re-organise the schedule for the day.

Life tends to ebb and flow between periods of quietness and business.  Organise, priorities, take time to breathe and centre yourself and know that soon the pendulum will swing and things will quieten down again.

Love and Light


Being Your Thoughts

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