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Breaking Bad or Unwanted Eating Habits for Good

Breaking Bad or Unwanted Eating Habits for Good

By Leslie Thompson

Three powerful questions to eliminate unwanted eating habits

Food comes in many forms. If we’re just looking at whole foods, food from nature, then you’ll see it grows in a few different forms. Above the ground (fruit trees, leafy greens), on the ground (pumpkin, cauliflower) and below the ground (potatoes, garlic). Whilst having a vast variety of nutritional benefits, they also have a distinct energy about them that also is transferred to our bodies when we eat them.

Every single thing on our planet, and in the universe for that matter, is made up of atoms, also known as energy. Some types of energy are good, some not so good and some you can take or leave. Food works in much the same way.

The whole idea in understanding the energetics of food is that you are even better equipped to make more informed choices for your body. It’s all well and good to say sugar, alcohol and refined carbs should be avoided, but, because we all live so differently, and we are constantly growing, evolving and changing, we simply cannot make such black and white statements like this.

Certainly, the overconsumption of these foods are not encouraged in large and vast quantities, but the aim is to seek understanding of your body, what it needs, to learn how it responds to certain foods and develop confidence and knowledge to make decisions for yourself and your body that will assist in allowing it to function optimally.

The energy that foods contains is something of particular interest for me and allows me the power to make educated decisions about which foods will benefit me at certain times of the day and during those times of the month.

As I made reference to earlier, where food chooses to flourish and grow, says a lot about the energy is can provide for our bodies.

To give you a very basic idea, lets look at one of my very favourites, leafy green vegetables. They grow above the ground, their leaves and light in weight, they are fresh, cooling and hydrating. This all sounds quite uplifting, right? Well, when you’re feeling sluggish, low, depressed, and sad, instead of opting for a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, why not nourish your body with a food that is going to provide you with the energy you’d prefer to have (unless, you want to remain in that state). Just try this approach next time and see how it shifts the energy you were experiencing.

Foods that are grown below the ground, such as sweet potato, potato, garlic, these guys are going to provide you with relaxing, grounding and more chilled energy. So if you’re anxious and highly strung, perhaps a serving of roasted veggies will help to ground you and chill you out.

And so, the more you consider how a food interacts with your body, the better you are at making suitable choices that your body, mind and soul will benefit from.

That infamous 3pm slump we all face? Instead of the caffeine hit that then distorts our natural body clock, why not, instead, opt for a green veggie juice as a pick me up that will not only give you natural energy, but will provide your body with incredible nutrients to build beauty and sustain optimum health and wellness from the inside-out?

I’m a big believer in learning how to generate and create awareness of yourself. Food is a fantastic place to start generating that self/body awareness because it’s tangible and you can physically see and feel the benefits or concerns of certain foods and your body.

Food has the potential to help of heal your body, but, at the end of the day, it’s not foods fault if your diet is so poor that it has resulted in illness in your body. We are currently experiencing a lot of chronic inflammation in our bodies and our food choices play an enormous part on feeding that inflammation or reducing it. You truly are what you eat.

When it comes to body awareness and realising how much choice we actually have, I’m going to share with you, three powerful questions that can help change those unwanted food habits

  1. What food are you putting into your mouth
  2. Why are you putting that food into your mouth
  3. How do you feel 1/2hr-2hrs after eating that food?

A food diary is a great way to monitor your food journey and develop awareness about what energy you’re feeding your body.

Also, another question, even before you answer the first three is, how do you want to feel right now?

If you want to feel relaxed and chilled then, steam or roast some root vegetables or make your own hot chippies, and I said ‘make your own’ for good reason-bake, not fry! But, if you need that pick me up, then I encourage pure green veggie juice with ginger and lemon for a stable and engaging lift.

We are all able to make choices that benefit us. Some choices may require more discipline and will power, but if your focus is on the result, the outcome, what you’re seeking to achieve and how you want to feel, then let food help you and work in your favour and it will help you get closer to that feeling you’re after.


The Happy Health Coach

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