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75yr Harvard study shows No. 1 ingredient for health and happiness at work

By Rosanna Lauria

After 2 years of running holistic health programs in corporate workplaces, I still get asked why I spend considerable time discussing one seemingly odd - but now proven critical - topic during a well-being and performance program.

I've always believed this area of life was so important to get right. I see numerous men and women working hard to improve their diet, reduce stress and exercise more - all of which are important. However, even after dedicating so much time to these health areas, they still end up unhappy and less healthy than they'd like to be. They also perform poorer at work because their motivation and drive is incredibly low.

An ongoing Harvard study, which started over 75 years ago, has now proven that this exact area of life is not just absolutely critical for long term health and happiness, it is the no.1 ingredient that produces a good life.

So what is this number 1 ingredient for living a good life? ...

It's quality relationships. Building and maintaining quality connections with other people.

75yr Harvard study shows No. 1 ingredient for health and happiness

Now this may sound simple, but take a moment now to think about how much time a day you actually spend strengthening your relationships. How much time do you devote to ensuring your circle of friends consist of people who are going to motivate you and help you feel and be your best?

I see hundreds of people come into my workshops stressed, tired and unhappy. And after a little digging, we find out it has everything to do with the toxic relationships they're in, or the negative family and friends they surround themselves with. Or the fact they don't take time to strengthen those relationships in their life.

Divorce rates continue to go up and I believe this has so much to do with the fact that people are not prioritising their relationships; they're not working on developing or nurturing those relationships and they're often taking their partner for granted.

Remember that even if you're single, it doesn't mean you can't have quality relationships. And if you're in a relationship, it doesn't mean you can't feel alone. It’s the quality of the connections in your life that matters; whether its your parents, siblings, colleagues, friends, partner, children or acquaintances at the bus stop!

Here's a talk from the 4th Director of the 75-year Harvard Study who explains more...

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So now you know how critical quality relationships are for your overall health and success, what will you do differently?

How and when will you take time to strengthen your relationships and not take the people in your life for granted? I would love to hear! Send me an email at rosanna@recipeforhealth.com.au.

Ready to prioritise the relationships in your life, while also balancing your other commitments?

Our holistic well-being programs can help you do this. Visit Recipe for Health to learn more about our workplace wellbeing programs that combine mental health, nutrition, sleep, exercise, relationships, and other important areas of health that will leave you healthier, happier, and more productive in your day!

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To your health and quality relationships,


Rose Lauria
Founder of Recipe for Health


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