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7 Ways To Handle A Boring Job, With A Side Of Chasing Your Dream!

7 Ways To Handle A Boring Job, with a side of chasing your dream!
Back in 2014 when I first launched my business I travelled to Iceland for a shoot. 10 days, 3,600km of driving and over 5,000 images captured. This is me at the top of a mountain taking a moment to smell the roses, enjoying the spectacular view.

By John Lechner

How to make it through the day with your boring job

Before I start on the tips allow me a little rant. Life is short, you hear it and see it every day. I know that if you are in a job you hate, you feel stuck there, bills, your mortgage or rent hold you there. There are thousands of reasons to stay there.


If you hate your job, you feel trapped, your job is literally going to kill you, if not it will take years or even decades off your life.

If you have the luxury of being in a position to just quit, do it. Chase your dream, follow your passion and create a new job, a new life for yourself.

But I am guessing you don't have that luxury. Then what you need to do is take some time. Ask yourself, if you could have any job, any way to earn the money that you need what would that be?

Once you know what that job is, what training, experience or skills do you need to do it?

If you already have the necessary skills and experience then formulate a plan to turn your new path into a side hustle, something you can work on in every spare moment, turn that into something that reaches the tipping point where you can jump off the cliff and chase that dream feet first.

If you need to re-train, get more experience or learn more, then do that. Remember just because you are stuck in a job doesn't mean you have to stay there, change it, step outside your comfort zone.

Finally, create space in your life to make the changes you need. When I started this business I had a full time job. I sat down with my boss and worked out an exit plan. That started with me going part time, just 2 days a week, then eventually I left, I stayed on for a few more months as a consultant. 

Admittedly I had a great boss, who still supports me and my vision today. But perhaps you can cut down to 3 or 4 days at your day job. If you don't feel comfortable sharing why, then don't. Just find a way to chase your dreams, live your life.

Stop, being a slave to the spot you are stuck in right now and start being the person you dream to be. Something I learned in the early days and still stays with me today.

Dream it. Plan it. Make it happen.

End of rant, on to the tips. These tips will help, but finding a job you love is the most important step. Perhaps you have a job that you love (i.e. you are a nurse or accountant or solicitor) but the culture in your organisation is awful, then the simple answer is to start researching and find a great organisation with great culture.

1. Modify your workspace

Create a vision board, get a small print, put a plant on your desk.

2. Help someone else with a big task

Is someone else in the office struggling with a big important task? Offer to help them

3. Learn a new skill

Obviously this should be related to your work if you are doing it in work time but perhaps there is training you can do to be better. Be the expert in a particular piece of software, help people simplify their jobs by creating or sharing a tool you use to make life easier

4. Bring live plants into the office  

Live plants in the office bring so many benefits. Start with one and grow from there. Maybe create an air terrarium.

5. Take a break

Take your breaks, do not stay at your desk, in fact the best thing is to get outside completely, feel the sun on your face. Enjoy the natural light, sit under a tree, read a book but get outside.

6. Inspire yourself

Want to travel? Inspire your next travel adventure with a small print at your desk. Paris, New York, a South Pacific Cruise, on the beach in Bali. Find an image that will inspire you and have it on your desk.

7. Make someone laugh

Laughing is excellent therapy, real laughing the kind that leaves your cheeks and belly sore. Try and find a way to have a real laugh every day.

Whatever it is you do to make your boring job bearable. Remember the mantra - Dream it. Plan it. Make it happen.

What is your dream? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear it.



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