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6 Tips For Creating Your Vision Board

6 Tips For Creating Your Vision Board

Blog by John Lechner

Vision Boarding your future

Why it works?

Visualisation, it is a powerful tool used for decades by Olympic and other elite athletes. 

"So, what’s the big secret to creating a vision board that works? It’s simple: Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want."
Huffington Post

Your vision board is a collection of words, phrases and picture that represent your life goals, inspirations and visualising the things you want to feel and achieve. Vision boards are not just for ladies, blokes you should be creating a vision board.

Whatever your vision, running a marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro, Vegas for your birthday, travelling to Paris or a cruise with your family. You need to help yourself with inspiration, especially when things don’t always go your way.

  1. Start Collecting - get actual prints, pages from magazines, prints things out. A vision board works best as a physical board on the wall so you need to go old school, get out the scissors, start cutting out, buy a print, find the inspiration and have copies of it.

  2. Confine your vision board with a frame - go buy a photo frame (big one), a pin board, whiteboard (magnetic) and mount it on the wall in your space or home office.

  3. Go big - if a small space isn’t for you then why not use a whole wall in your office as a vision board. If you are going big, try and keep the theming and colouring consistent.

  4. Create a mini gallery - use your vision board in a frame on the wall and then put your favourite prints on the wall around it. You now are the proud owner of a mini gallery.

  5. Big Goal - Make sure you have a massive goal as part of your vision board, that thing you really want, don’t think you can achieve. If it’s not on the vision board it won’t happen. If it is then it is far more likely. Want to travel to Paris for your birthday, then include a print of the Eiffel Tower on your vision board.

  6. Grateful, your why - Every day we need to remind ourselves of what we are grateful for, our why, what drives us. Include on your vision board the things you are grateful for. Include thank you notes, words of kindness, things that remind you of your WHY!

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