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5 Simple Steps To Create A Meaningful Work Life Balance

5 Simple Steps To Create A Meaningful Work Life Balance

By Coach Barb

Hacks to achieve work life balance

What does having work life balance mean to you?  Many get consumed with their work and never pay attention to themselves or the family.  Others go to work and act busy and not produce a thing.  Regardless, if balance doesn't exist life won't be rewarding.  Work is important, and life is important it's that simple. 

I will always strive to balance my time.  The family is important, and working is important.  On Sundays, I choose to disconnect.  I take long naps; I spend time with my spouse, I take my Mini Schnauzer for longer walks.  Balancing work and personal time are not easy, but I make an effort to help me energize for the coming week.  Try it; it will make you happy.

The tips that I share with you help me stay focused.  I recommend that you incorporate them into your life to enjoy your work and your personal time. 

1. Prioritise

Know what is important, at work and home.  Do what matters first and release what doesn't serve you.  In short, prioritise. Do not be afraid to say no or to reschedule.  Your time is valuable. Have you ever analysed what your priorities are? 

2. Quality Time

What makes you happy?  Find the time to enjoy quality time.  It can be with friends, family or by yourself.  Pick a day and schedule the time.  Think of the last time you took some time for yourself.  What did you do? Whatever it may be, repeat it and feel the freedom. 

3. Delegate

Do you have too much on your plate? Write out things to do list and pick the top three for you, and give the other tasks away.  Always check and verify, but trust.  By delegating it will free up your time.  What would you do with extra time on your hands? 

4. Disconnect

Pick one day to disconnect from technology.  Go out and enjoy nature, go and have a nice lunch with friends or family.  Take a nap (as you can tell I like napping). 

Enjoy an entire day without your phone, iPad, computer and television.  It might sound out of this world, but you will thank me later.  Ok, if you can’t do an entire day, disconnect for a couple of hours.  But do it.  I am sure you are capable of enjoying time without technology.  Right?

5. Practice Gratitude

Be thankful.  Start your day noticing the little things that matter.  Count your blessings.  Practice gratitude and you will feel balanced.  Even if your job is demanding, be thankful that you have a job.  What are you thankful for today? Focus on it and feel happy.

In summary, live a balanced life, and you will have the energy to deal with your work.  Stay focused and enjoy life.  Your family will thank you; your boss will notice a difference and best of all, you will feel great.  Have a fantastic day. 

Stay Focused,


Coach Barb

What is keeping you from enjoying life and work? Comment below

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