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3 Ways to shop for style - What works for you?

By Tracey Cullen

Shopping for style

While on my festive break I read an article by Forbes Magazine published online on December the 6th 2016. The article was about the "Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2017". There are actually a bunch of important lessons in there for business, it's worth a read.

Number one was "Subject Matter Experts (SME) become the New Rainmakers". SME's will drive growth in top performing companies. It then went on to say that, SME's will drive growth in top performing companies.

SME's are people who have a deep understanding of their subject matter.

With the world changing due to ongoing advances in technology, we are likewise changing how we buy products and services. We can buy;

  • Online
  • Through a salesperson in a brick and mortar retailer.
    (Just recently, Macy's a renowned American department store announced it will cut over 10,000 jobs & 68 stores in 2017).
  • Or through an SME.

It's not enough these days, for a shop to leave you to your own devices, to choose your items, or to fail to offer expertise in their area, you may as well shop online.

A salesperson has a mission to sell something to you.

An SME has a mission to use their knowledge and skills so that you, the customer, have all their needs and wants met before the transaction is completed.

Who would you rather speak to?

The SME in the fashion and style industry are image consultants.

An accredited image consultant is trained in style and fashion. We offer an holistic approach in this area and assist clients with their overall look, to make your shopping more productive.

The benefits of shopping with an SME are demonstrated in the case study below.

3 Ways to shop for style - What works for you?

The images above shows my client before and after our consultations. Kathryn's initial look is shown above in the left hand image but she wanted to look more professional and caring. 
Kathryn is a curvy lady, with those womanly curves being complimented in the dress and jacket as shown on the right hand side. The dress works well for a number of reasons, it gives width to her narrow hips which help balance her top half, it provides a column of colour which makes her look taller and the cut and fabric flatters her body shape.
The open jacket in a contrasting neutral provides vertical lines, which helps to slim down her bust. The hemline shows off her shapely legs and with the continuation of the black with sheer black stockings and black shoes making her that bit taller again.
As you can see in the middle image Kathryn's hair was long and curly, only manageable by tying it up in a long plait. Her new hairstyle is shorter and has a side part which compliments her oblong face shape and is able to be worn out or tied back depending on the occasion.
The cool neutral colours she is wearing shows off her gorgeous porcelain skin.
All these benefits were hidden in her original look shown in the photo on  the left hand side when you compare that to the after photo on the right.
Kathryn now finds shopping much more effective, whether online or at a retailer. She understands the style she wants to create, the colours, the fabrics and cuts that work for her as well as the shops that compliment her overall physique and look.

As an Image Consultant, I take the time to get to know my client, their lifestyle, what they already have in their wardrobe and their personality so that with my advice the client will reap the benefits of projecting themselves in the best possible way everyday. They end up saving a lot of money, time and frustration in the future as well.

Style for You is your Subject Matter Expert in the fashion and style field. We provide services to individuals and organisations so that they can project their best possible image and make this area of their life much easier and more effective.

If you would like more information about my consultations and style programs please click on the link to my website.

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