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On the beach in Bali

On the beach in Bali
A stunning sunset on Bali's Double Six Beach.

Bali Beaches

Bali is the perfect place to visit when you want to do very little, to rest by the pool side on or the beach. Maybe catch a few rays or read a good book. 
It’s not a great place to come when you want to work, like I am this trip. This isn’t a sob story about coming to paradise for work. But that everything is geared towards relaxing. Especially in the heat of the day. 
Some days the heat kicks in by 9am, and its not that oh it’s gonna be a bit warm type of heat but the OMG it’s hot and sticky kind of heat which encourages you to seek shade, a cool drink or four and just chill out kind of heat.
If you are lucky there is relief by 5 or 6pm. If you are not them by midnight you are still cursing the humidity.
Thankfully I am at peace with the fact that for me, landscape photos happen best at both ends of the day, sunrise and sunset. So the challenge is to keep cool and sober, as much as I would love to sit by the pool and drink Bintang all day, that doesn’t work if I want to shoot sunset.
Beautiful sunset reflection from Double Six Beach Bali
Beautiful sunset reflection from Double Six Beach Bali
Yesterday I got lucky, my sunset shoot location was just in front of a local Warung (restaurant) that had food and icy cold Bintang. They’re staff we quite happy to bring me beers while I shot sunset. That was nice, and rare because I didn’t have to drive myself home from the shoot.
I have never quite worked out how people can sit on the beach in the sun all day, especially when it is baking hot. Personally I am a big fan of the cool and dark, and AC. But the beaches here are geared towards hundreds of people lying in the sun, perhaps under an umbrella and having your favourite drink on call.
Sunset at Echo Beach, BaliSunset at Echo Beach, Bali
You don’t even have to leave your beach lounge to shop. Countless and continuous vendors will bring everything to you to buy, from “Rolex” watches to sunglasses, sarongs, art and so much more. Just lay back enjoy the Bintang and enjoy.
Hopefully you will get to experience an awesome beach sunset. Something we don’t see on the east coast of Australia and something I have only experienced once before this trip (in LA on Santa Monica beach).
I do enjoy Bali and look forward to returning soon with my family for an actual holiday. I can’t wait to sit by the pool and enjoy the Bintang.
Until next time.
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