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Meet Di Lechner, she's addicted to Maldives

Meet Di Lechner she's addicted to Maldives

By John Lechner

Lets start with the obvious, Di is family. Di and my middle brother Paul have two kids and are bit obsessed with holidaying in the Maldives.  The reason I asked Di to join our travel blog is because of her innovative business Addicted to Maldives.

As with all our team of contributors I took some time to ask Di some getting to know you questions for you.

Di grew up in Toongabbie, not far from our family home and went to the same high school as us. These days they live in the Hills District of Sydney Australia.

Di is passionate about travel and in particular, luxury travel to the Maldives. For her personally, there is nowhere quite like the Maldives. The sand, the water so iridescently blue, the service, the accommodation standards and the experiences offered there are second to none.

She founded Addicted to Maldives because she identified that there was a lack of knowledge on the destination here in Australia. Di is truly passionate about the Maldives as a destination and about offering her clients a high level of service.

It is very rewarding to help loved up couples or groups of families and friends to create their dream holidays. Most of the time the Maldives is a #bucketlist item for a lot of people, so to play a part in making that dream a reality for them, is pretty special.

I asked Di, what do you do and who do you help?

"I am a Destination Specialist for the Maldives. We help individuals, couples  honeymooners and families create their dream holiday to the Maldives.

The Maldives is such a unique destination and it can be quite overwhelming to try and choose which resort to stay in.

We take the time to get to know what it is that our clients are looking for in their holiday to the Maldives and match the right resort to them.

We also assist other Luxury Travel agents with their client bookings to the Maldives by providing the same service."

A dumb question I know but I had to ask, where is your favourite place to travel to?

"The Maldives of course…but in general I love  island holidays…anywhere warm  with sunshine  and blue water and I’m there!"

What is the one place/thing is at the top of your bucket list that you haven’t got to yet?

"Swimming with Whale Sharks!

Whale sharks are commonly sighted in the Maldives in certain atolls and at particular times of the year.

Sometimes though, it’s just a matter of good timing as to wether or not you see them on the day that you set out on an excursion.

My time is still yet to come but I am so intrigued by these huge gentle giants of the ocean.

I say that now, but quite literally, I might pee myself when I’m physically in the water with them..ha ha!"

I asked Di about her favourite eating/drinking experience when travelling?

"There is a relatively new resort in the Maldives called “Finolhu”.

Finolhu has the most incredible sandbank that juts out directly from the beach front and it runs 1.8km long.

You can walk about half way along this sandbank and there is a little restaurant there called the “Fish and Crab Shack”.

We sat there feasting on buckets of fresh prawns, and the best soft shell crab tacos I have ever had!

Then we got our hands dirty and devoured the most delicious Sri Lankan mud crab which was served with a coconut rice…seriously amazing!

Not to mention the refreshing rose’ it was all washed down with! This meal was an experience in every sense…sand under our toes, a DJ spinning a few cool beats in the background and the never ending blue view that surrounded us was pretty special."

If you had $1000 spare and no rules on how to spend it what would you do?

"I love to splurge so I’d probably book a night away at a luxurious hotel for a sneaky getaway from the kids for my hubby and i…and if I had any money left over after that, I’d buy myself a new kaftan or sarong for my next Maldives holiday from Camilla!"

Finally where do people find you?

Web:                 addictedtomaldives.com

Instagram:        @addictedtomaldives

Facebook:        /maldivesaddict

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