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Cruising Asia on Ovation of the Seas | Travel Blog

Cruising Asia on Ovation of the Seas | Travel Blog
View of Ovation from the North Star aerial observatory 90m above the sea

Our Correspondant

Alana Brown from italktravel Rutherford.

How long have you been a travel agent?

I starting working at italktravel Rutherford on the 02nd of April 2016. I first knew I wanted to be in travel during my time at school after attending a seminar run by a travel agent, since hearing her speech about what she does and everything she has experience I immediately knew this was what I wanted.

Where was your first overseas trip?

New Zealand- I did my first overseas trip to the North Island of New Zealand although I was quite young at the time I look back on the photos and its one of my best memories.

What is your bucket list place/trip?

It is hard to narrow down  where my number 1 place is to visit however my dream would be South Africa. Closely followed by Europe, USA/ Canada, Japan pretty much anywhere I would go….

This trip was supported by Royal Caribbean and italktravel Head Office

Getting there

Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

Alana’s trip was to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, including five night cruise on Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas stopping at Penang, Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand.

She had the pleasure of flying Singapore Airlines which was a fantastic service. She then started the next phase of her trip which was cruising on board the beautiful “Ovation of the seas” Royal Caribbean cruise line.

On board Alana had the luxury of her own balcony cabin which allowed her to have plenty of room to spread out and take advantage of her private balcony to enjoy the views as they cruised through the ocean & ports.


Skydiving at Sea on iFly, Ovation of the Seas

AMAZING! Ovation of the Seas, being such a big ship after the first day you still felt like there was so much more to see and do.

The good thing was their are interactive screens everywhere to help you find your way, Lobby's are marked clearly and she never struggled with finding someone to tell her which way was what. 

Decor throughout was spot on bright and opening, everywhere you went had something different and inviting which made it fabulous for anyone.

Throughout her dining experience Alana was extremely lucky to be able to visit Jamie's Italian, Chops, and Wonderland. Three very different options which just shows the variety on board which is being offered.

What I loved

Bionic Bar powered by Makr Shakr, onboard Ovation of the Seas

I loved the fact that there was something for everyone on board. If you want to relax and lay by the pool you can, not one time did I have to wait for seating or anything like that. Of course if you are more active and want to try out something different they have the variety Rollerskating, Bumper cars, Arcade Area, iFly, Flow Rider and the North Star. The bottom line is there is never a dull moment aboard the wonderful Ovation of the Seas.

What was just OK

This experience was more than okay, I was privileged to experience some new cultures which has now broadened my travel knowledge.

What was awful

I didn't find anything "’awful”, everything was a experience that I will take with me for future knowledge.

Tell us about your favourite meal, what, where, when & why

My favourite dining experience a board the ship would have to be Chops Grille. I could not fault the service at all in any way. The food was perfect and the menu had a good variety. Overall I enjoyed eating at Chops, for a special night out Chops is a amazing choice.

Top tip for someone doing this trip

My top tip would be if you have never been somewhere before and don’t know a lot about the destination jump on a tour! I did a Food and Hawker Fair Tour in Penang and it was the best decision I made.

Not knowing a lot about Penang I was so glad I had a amazing tour guide who literally knew everything and showed us the must sees and hidden gems. Penang is most famous for its street food and street art, normally I would be a bit hesitant to try street food however I felt so comfortable in my guide knowledge I tried it and loved it.

Going on a tour gives you the opportunity to really see the destination and experience it all whilst you are there.

Cruising Asia on Ovation of the Seas | Travel Blog
Surf the high seas on the FlowRider

Anything you would do differently next time

Honestly, the only thing that I would say is throughout touring I loved the ports. and I think I need to go back and stay longer at each destination to experience them in depth.

Would you go back?

I would 100% go back and cruise again on the Ovation of the Seas, but even the ports of call I feel like I would defiantly go back and experience more.

Have you got another trip planned and where to?

I do have another cruise planned for June, I am going to the South Pacific Islands visiting Noumea, Mare and the Isle of Pines.

How can I find out more?

Email      alana@rutherford.italk.travel

Call         italktravel Rutherford on (02)4932 9244

Web        italktravel Maitland

Cruising Asia on Ovation of the Seas | Travel Blog
This multipurpose sport centre on board hosts, roller skating, basketball, bumper cars, circus school and more

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1 comment

  • I totally agree this ship has the WOW factor. A perfect balance of entertainment, with lots of quiet spaces as well.
    There are things to do for all ages and theregood food selections and quality dining.
    So much choice but the art work and interactive areas are just wonderful. A surprise around every corner. Royal Caribbean got this ship right.

    • Michelle Haryy