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AirNZ Safety Videos

AirNZ Safety Videos

By John Lechner

AirNZ Safety Videos

As a traveller I really appreciate how utterly boring an inflight safety video can be. But in recent years several airlines have cottoned on to the fact that if the video is fun and funny people will actually watch it. Better yet will share it on social media because it is that good.

The master of this has to be Air New Zealand and while I have never actually flown Air NZ I have seen most of their recent inflight safety videos because they are so good.

The latest one features a couple of All Black as Men in Black. Fun and catchy.

Or the seriously EPIC Hobbit air safety video

Old school with Betty White

Ot the insane Bear Grylls, I have never ever seen that use for an oxygen mask before...

There are plenty more, just search #AirNZSafetyVideo to see them. Check out the latest offering from AirNZ, Air New Zealand presents Summer Wonderland #AirNZXmas here. It is very good.


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