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When was the last time you moved by nature, a moment in time?

When was the last time you moved by nature, a moment in time

Mother Nature can be amazing. My WHY plus news to catch up on.

By John Lechner

This last week has been interesting, mostly in a good way. I have walked the talk, stepped outside my comfort zone in a big way and loved it. Honestly I was avoiding it for months. It is wonderful to conquer the fear and realise it was complete BULL.
Most of the time we stop ourselves from achieving by talking ourselves out of doing things, when we actually do it, we realise we have been lying to ourselves.
I have also met with some wonderful new people that have given me insight and clarity. I really feel like the stars are aligning.
I was asked why I do what I do?
Initially I was a bit dumbstruck, I do it because I love sharing nature and beauty. But I was asked to dig deeper. What brought me to this point and what do I get out of it?

So I had to go back to why I am passionate about creating happier and more productive workspaces. My vision is to create workplaces where everyone enjoys going to work and loves their job.

Did you know only 24% of Australian workers enjoy their job?

24% is an awful number, the majority just don't care either way and about 15% are actively engaged in bringing down the business of their employer.

There is nothing good about this.

My personal insight.

A long time ago I was working in a fantastic work environment. A wonderful team, great vision and purpose, it was an amazing place to work. In fact, probably the best place I had ever worked.

At lunch there was always a great group of people from the CEO down engaging in a conversation, often a debate, but it was always in good spirit and positive.

One day that all changed.

We had a new senior manager that within two weeks had spread fear and anxiety throughout the entire organisation like a virus, over 200 people. It was awful.

The really sad thing was this one person caused dozens of wonderful people to leave. Those of us that stayed were forever scarred.

In the end it took years for the organisation to recover. Management took 18 months to remove this person and we were so relieved when it happened but it was far too late.

I also remember way back in my early career at another organisation.

There was a phobia from people to attend "all staff meetings". Apparently twice in the past, management called an all staff meeting. Then during the meeting told staff that some people were going to lose their jobs. 

When you left the meeting, if there was an envelope on your desk, you had lost your job, you had 10 mins to pack your desk before security escorted you from the building. The natural and understandable response from staff after that date was to both dread and avoid all staff meetings.

Our people, our teams, they are our most important asset.

We need to treat them with the highest respect every day. That is why my mission is to create workplaces where everyone enjoys going to work and love their job.

I want to help more business owners create not just nice places to work but the BEST places to work, where their staff love their jobs and tell their friends and family how amazing it is to work in such a wonderful place. That is my mission. 

This week we have some great new blogs for you including some new travel blogs. I also finally got around to blogging about my Melbourne trip, seems we spent most of the time going from one restaurant to the next. You can read it here - Yummy & Cheap Places to Eat in Melbourne.

There's so much more below including a naming competition from the most breathtaking sunrise I have seen in a very long time.

When was the last time you moved by nature, a moment in time?I am really excited to say we now have the team from italktravel Maitland, Rutherford, Newcastle West and The Junction blogging about their many and varied trips.

This week we have a family ski holiday in the French Alps and amazing bucket list trip to The States which includes a Private Box at a Chicago Bulls game and a behind the scenes, money can't buy, tour at the Boeing Factory, you will love it.

We went to Melbourne recently and it seems we spent the whole time in restaurants. Here is my blog - Yummy & Cheap Places to Eat in Melbourne.

When was the last time you moved by nature, a moment in time?

There is so much wonderful Wellbeing advice and support this week I don't know where to start. 

Of course, we should start with an amazingly healthy and yummy breakfast. No bread for breakfast? Don't want to make yourself a smoothie? by our resident foodie Kristina Koch.

From fellow Californian Jessica May Tang we have - Three Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity. It involves letting go of your phone, sometimes.

Our relationship guru Tara Whitewood asks us to confront some deep truths about how we GIVE or GET in our relationships.

Now that our days are starting to get shorter, it is starting to cool down Leah Marmulla helps prepare us for winter - Why does the sun affect your mood?

There is more on the Wellbeing blog, if you are keen head on over, otherwise I am keeping a couple up my sleeve for our next newsletter in 2 weeks.

When was the last time you moved by nature, a moment in time?

In the last couple of weeks I have been researching some businesses and I am still surprised at how many businesses have not got a website at all. Some do and they are awful. This great blog from Mitch Beattie on The importance of having a professional website for your business.
Ever said yourself or heard a mate saying, I will get stuck into my super after I have paid off the mortgage. Our wealth creation expert Dan Walsh tells us why this strategy is doomed to fail.

Want to know the best way to increase the productivity of your team? It may surprise you.

When was the last time you moved by nature, a moment in time?

I have to be honest, I have been so wrapped up in my business I haven't taken the time to do the thing I enjoy most which is to witness nature's breathtaking beauty at sunrise.

I haven't been out for a sunrise shoot in weeks, like 4 or 5 weeks. This is bad, bad for my head, bad for my business and most importantly I am missing my favourite part of the day.

So last Monday I planned a sunrise shoot up near Nelson Bay. I actually planned it around a meeting I had with Ben from Bluewater Stainless, the work that Ben and his team produce is wonderful.

Anyhow, I was up at stupid o'clock, really it was 1am when I woke and 2am when I got out of bed. I was on the beach (Fingal Bay Beach) around 4:30am, after putting in 90 minutes in the office. I am well aware how crazy that is.

Sunrise started out promising and I was looking forward to something nice. Well mother nature stopped me in my tracks. She was simply breathtaking, sublime, stunning, there are not enough superlatives. 

Watch the video below.


Later that day I ask the question on Facebook which was the preferred shot between my two favourite images from the morning. The overwhelming response was the second one. Personally I love different aspects of both but would probably pick the first for my home.

What do you think?

or this?

We have a naming competition running for the second print. If you would like to make a suggestion just click here, follow the instructions, to go into the draw to win the No.1 Artist's Proof. Entries close 23:59 AEDT 26 March 2017.

Have a wonderful week, until next time.



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