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Vietnam trip, new gifts for you and a wonderful testimonial from a happy client.

Vietnam trip, new gifts for you and a wonderful testimonial from a happy client.

There is so much to talk about this week so I guess I will start with a list and you can jump in to the things that interest you.  

1. Vietnam trip planning

2. New Wallpaper Gifts for you

3. In the words of a happy client

4. Print your own - glass prints

5. Art in Medical Practices

Blogs and more...    

1. Vietnam Trip Planning

Thank you so much to everyone who replied with suggestions and ideas for our trip to Vietnam in July. It has been a tough decision but in the last few days we have locked in our itinerary as much as we want to. We actually want a little room to adjust as we go.

As it's our 20th anniversary and second honeymoon we have tried to include some luxury, plus adventure and exploring. So here is our basic itinerary.

Day 1 - Arrive and overnight in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

Day 2 - Morning to explore Saigon, then afternoon flight to Hanoi

Day 3 - Hanoi exploring

Days 4-7 - We will be heading to Bai Tu Long, which is adjacent to Halong Bay but less busy but no less beautiful for a 2 night cruise. We will also head to Ninh Binh to spend some time exploring Cuc Phuong National Park and Trang An.

Day 8-11 We travel done to Dong Hoi and then do a 2 night three day trek. We are really excited about this. With Oxalis Tours we will cover 17km of jungle and mountain trekking plus 1km of cave swimming and 4 km of cave trekking. So excited. Check the tour out here.

Day 12-17 - Hoi An. We will chill in a resort plus take some time our to explore and do some day trips.

Day 18 - Return early to Ho Chi Minh, have a day to explore before the evening flight home.

A huge thanks must also go to our friends at italktravel Maitland who are helping with our arrangements in partnership with Wide Eyed Tours. Between them they bring a wealth of knowledge to the planning of this trip. NB. We are paying for this trip it isn't sponsored.

We just can't wait to go. Still looking for restaurant or experience suggestions in any of the places we are visiting, so if you have any just reply to this email.  

2. New Wallpaper Gifts for you

We are always looking for different ways to say thank you and inspire. There is no secret I love capturing sunrises, sunsets and other beautiful moments. Until now I have just shared a favourite sunrise or sunset with you in this newsletter. 

But, starting today you will not only get a beautiful moment but you get one to keep, it is yours free. Down below you will see our first, a breathtaking sunrise from Anzac Day on Budgewoi Lake. This moment was captured at dawn when the sky first fired up. Check it out and download it down below.

Every fortnight I will bring you a new favourite moment for you to download free.  

3. In the words of a happy client

Recently we did an install here in Newcastle for training business - Transformational Group. They had just moved in to new premises and so we did an art installation from the front reception to the staff room and everywhere in between. In total 14 artworks, including some custom artworks that included their logo and values, a 3m+ glass quintych and more. This is what CEO & Founder Kelvin Holliday had to say about our product and service.

 Initially I was unsure about investing in artwork for my office, with all the costs of moving into a new office, setting aside a budget for art, when there was so many practical needs was hard. It went against my practical instincts. 
But, after sitting with John and working through the process, I realised how important art was to creating the VIBE AND CULTURE. 
I knew I wanted a good vibe and culture but the cost! I had to shift my mindset from what I like and thought practical to what others would see and feel as they visited and worked within the facility.
I am not an art person but when the art was in place I was amazed at the personal feelings the office art resinated with me. They provide me comfort and focus and as an outcome, higher productivity. 
The team also have built a sense of pride and ownership in the facility, as we together picked the art and they can see it every day that they had input into the look and feel. 
Clients consistently pass comment and the art opens opportunity for a deeper connection in who we are as a company and also helps them feel supported in that relational aspect of our company. 
I recommend that any office with people needs to JUST DO IT!!! and invest in office art.
All working environments need to have a sense of culture and belonging and my experience with art now in place has  exceeded all expectations. 
Kelvin Holliday - Transformational Group

4. Print your own - glass prints

For the last 12 months we have offered a "print your own" service, which allows you to access my amazing suppliers of fine art prints and framing or the spectacular glass prints. In the last couple of weeks we took on the challenge of reproducing a photo captured on a phone and then reproducing it as a HUGE 3x1.2m glass print.

Yes, a phone camera to a 3m print is possible. It is currently in production and will be installed in our client's home in a few weeks. I am sharing this, with permission, to show you what can be achieved.

Creating a to scale mock up, like the one below, is part of the service so you can see what it will look like on your wall at home.

This bespoke service allows you to take a treasured family holiday experience or memory and have it on your wall at home. If you are interested or want to know more, click here or just reply to this email. We would love to help you too.

 5. Art in Medical Practices

Art in the medical and hospital environment has been extensively studied and the evidence is clear that there are positive effects for patients, staff and practitioners by incorporating evidence based art into the physical environment.

We help medical practices in many fields create an environment that is conducive to creating better health outcomes for patients as well as a more supportive and creative environment for health professionals.

If you or someone you know has a medical practice that needs upgrade the art or decoration of the walls of their practice. More art and a better space, then we would love to chat with them. We offer a free consultation in their practice to develop a plan that works for their business. Send them HERE or email us john@johnlechnerart.com.au.

In addition we have our regular highlights in our blogs - WellbeingTravel and Biz Tips.

Have an amazing week.



Office Art Specialist.

travel blog

We have no new Travel Blogs this fortnight, but the team is busy preparing a bunch for us for May so look for those in 2 weeks. 

In the meantime as we prepare for Vietnam in July, I can't help but reflect back on my trip to Cambodia in 2014. This blog title is something I truly believe "Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer". 

Travel helps you appreciate how much you do have, how much choice and options you have. I visited homes in Cambodia where the walls and roof were made from rice bags and palm fronds. I could fit 20 of these homes, many housing 5-8 people from 3-4 generations in my home here in Australia.

I went to Cambodia to capture the ancient beauty of the Angkor Temples, they are a wonder beyond belief even today. It is worth checking out this blog "The Temples of Angkor Cambodia - Part 1"

While I went for the Temples, I fell in love with the food. I can't wait to experience Vietnam, especially the food. I am excited really about the food experiences. This is my food blog from Cambodia - "Eating, drinking, prices and the other stuff in Siem Reap Cambodia"

Wellness Wellbeing Happiness Wellbeing at work

On the Wellbeing Blog it seems to be a time of change. We have a new blogger Coach Barb to introduce, I tackle the thorny subject of coping with a boring job and Leah is off on a life changing journey.

Let's start with Leah, what do you do when nothing seems to go to plan? Change your plans, Leah is off to Europe for 3 months to re-discover life, passion and travel. We wish Leah well, I am hoping we will have some upcoming blogs from Leah as her journey evolves.

Meet Coach Barb, joining us all the way from Miami, Coach Barb helps Women achieve their goals, so they can feel joyful, powerful & HAPPY.

Finally, there are a bunch of ways you can tackle a boring job, I give some simple and practical tips for handling it. But also go off on a rant about making some real change here "7 Ways To Handle A Boring Job, With A Side Of Chasing Your Dream!" 

Biz Tips Blog

Our latest on the Biz Tips Blog is from Marc our design guru why size and weight matters in print. Tip: Marc has an exhibition opening very soon on his sketches from 365 days of drawing. Check out the blog and exhibition details here.

I look at 10 easy and practical ways to decorate your office that your boss will love. "10 Office Decorating Ideas Your Boss Will Love You For!".

Melissa Groom - The Visibility Mentor has a great video with 9 different types of videos you can create for your business to ensure you have a constant supply of content marketing. Check it out here "9 Types of Videos You Can Create For Your Business"

And while still on video, looking back into our archives, a topic that is even more relevant today. "Tips to save business thousands in video production"

Wallpaper Gift

Every fortnight we have a new gift for you, a high resolution set of Wallpaper for your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Each set includes the all three.

To launch this new gift to you we have started with this beautiful sunrise from Anzac Day on Budgewoi Lake, on the northern end of the Central Coast NSW Australia. This was a perfectly fitting sunrise for Anzac Day and for me personally a moving morning to experience.

Wallpaper Gift - Budgewoi Lake Anzac Day

Download yours NOW.

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Thank you


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