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Things are changing here at John Lechner Art

Landscape photography art Sydney Harbour Bridge Australia

By John Lechner

It has been a while since my last real blog, I guess I have head my head deep in a bunch of things and blogging has slipped off the to do list. But the good news is that that is changing, in a big way.

The main change in the business is that I am clearly separating my offerings to businesses and for general artwork for the home. Over the coming months you will see more but essentially as I service to clear markets, "Business" or "Pleasure" I need to make sure I do the best for everyone. 

So what is coming for "Business"?

Firstly we have a two new blogs, yes two.

Wellbeing at work: increasingly I am working with businesses to help them create a great space that has the right mood, feel and colours for the team and clients. This is a great way to introduce artwork into the workplace that can increase team productivity, happiness and for the business owner a more profitable business. 

But, I work only in the art side of workplace wellbeing and business owners are looking at other ways to make improvements in their business to help their team. So I am currently recruiting a bunch of bloggers, who are experts in their field so we can help more businesses and their teams.

Our first blogger on the team is the lovely Jessica May Tang an ergonomics expert from Los Angeles California. I interviewed Jessica recently to get to know her a bit more and you can check that out here. Jessica is planning a variety of blogs that will help business owners create a better workspace for their team. I love Jessica's energy and passion, I hope you do too.

We have more bloggers in the Wellbeing at work space coming soon.

Our other new blog is called Biz Tips.

The focus here is simple and practical tips that can help your business, whether it be simple ways to record videos for social media, to marketing tips from experts in their niche. There is more to come and I am excited about how we can help businesses with simple tips and tricks to grow.

Finally my original blog which focuses on travel and photography will continue to grow. I will be inviting guests in for a chat about their travels. I will bring seasoned and newbie travellers in to help you with tips and planning for your next trip.

I will also share my personal travel and photography tips. In the end I hope there is something here for you. If you are travelling or have traveled recently and have a great story I would love to here from you. In fact if you believe that you can contribute to any of our three blogs I would love to chat. Call me on +61 449 105 295 or email john@johnlechnerart.com.au I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day.



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