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The move to two brands - John Lechner Art and The Office Art Specialists

What is the difference between John Lechner Art and The Office Art Specialists?

Is has been nearly four years since I launched my business originally called John Lechner Fine Art Prints. Seems like an age ago. In fact on the day we went live with the website and the Facebook page I had just 7 limited edition prints in our collection. Yep, just seven.

Today we have over 350 on our website and I calculate nearly 100 more in a backlog to get live on the website. There’s so much to do when you are a solopreneur. In addition we are in the process of recruiting other artists to represent, we have a few today including fellow photographers Doug Hall and Samantha Taylor, plus the amazing Australian wildlife painter Natalie Parker.

In the last 18 months in particular we have really focused on helping create beautiful, productive, inspiring and happy offices with Office Artwork. Trouble is I tried unsuccessfully to service both my new business clients and my personal clients under the same brand, with the same marketing and honestly, I was letting people down.

I wasn’t communicating to anyone with a clear message to help them. So I bit the bullet and resolved that I needed to separate it all.

So John Lechner Fine Art Prints became John Lechner Art and then John Lechner Art | The Office Art Specialists.

Now we are two:

John Lechner Art 


The Office Art Specialists

John Lechner Art

John Lechner Art

Simply we are focused on art for the home. Of course where you choose to hang your artwork is up to you but our focus is on online and personal art sales. My hope is simple. When you connect with an artwork that you want to bring it into your life in a way that works best for you.

We have just done a complete re-vamp of our website with images now at the forefront.  They are full screen width whether looking at our site on your computer, tablet or phone.

We have also added new options in sizes and print mediums. So today you can buy a fine art paper print from just $19 including shipping. Our full range includes fine art paper and canvas plus glass and metal prints. All prices are fully inclusive of shipping within Australia. So there are no surprises at checkout. We even take all major credit cards including Amex (with no extra charges).

The sky is the limit with sizes and shapes too. Have you got a massive wall that needs filling we can do it, in canvas, glass or metal. Check out our current collections here.

If you have seen anything on our Facebook or Instagram and can’t find it on the website just get in touch. It may be in the backlog, we can fix that for you.

Very soon we will also have all of our represented artist’s prints available to order direct from our website, using the same amazing print options and free shipping in Australia.

Personal service is always our goal so if you fall in love with an image and are not sure about the options. Then contact me direct, I would love to hear from you, call 0449 105 295 or email john@johnlechnerart.com.au.

Finally, we have another service to help you take your favourite photos off your hard drive or your phone and get them on your wall.

We call it “Print your photos” and we offer the same wonderful print services we use for our fine art prints but with your own photos. Any size, any format.

Contact us today to find out more about our “Print your photos” service.

The Office Art Specialists

The Office Art Specialists

Our mission is to change lives by making workplaces happier, more creative, more collaborative and fun.

I have made it my personal goal for the rest of my career to improve the lives of 1 million Australian workers by bringing art into workplaces. Transforming lives through art.

The sad statistic today is that only 1 in 4 Australian worker like their job. Yes, that is scary. But for me the 3 of 4 that are either apathetic or dislike their job are where I can help. 

When we are happy at work we live better lives and guess what, from an employer’s point of view we are more productive, creative, collaborative and profitable when we are happy.

Art isn’t a magic cure but it is a catalyst that can help bring us together, to transform teams and businesses.

Take a moment and think, what is on the walls of your lunchroom? 

I am guessing there may be some notices, perhaps policies and procedures and even some workplace safety information. Am I right?

Now stop and think for a moment. What is the lunchroom for? 

In fact it is the one space in every business that is dedicated to NOT working. It is supposed to be a place to relax, refresh, enjoy a conversation, even find a moment of peace.

Imagine for a moment if we removed all of that important “work related” material from the lunch room and perhaps put it on a noticeboard elsewhere.

Instead we replaced it with a beautiful big print of nature at her finest, perhaps a calming waterfall, a rainforest or a beach sunrise. 

How would this make you feel?

My guess is that it would turn your lunchroom from a place of quasi work to a peaceful space to refresh, to find some space and to inspire. 

When we work with businesses for Office Art, we don’t start in the reception where everyone else focuses, we are different. We focus on changing the lives of the people in your business and to do this we start in the lunchroom.

The lunchroom, then the back of house staff spaces, then the client spaces and finally the reception. We focus on inspiring your team to be their best. Because when your team is at their very best then your customers get the best of service. 

Richard Branson said it best

“Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.” 

We bring art into the workplace in a way that encourages creativity, collaboration and happiness in teams. Bringing the best from you and your team.

We offer artworks in the same sizes and formats as John Lechner Art, we also source art to suit your needs when our collection or artists don’t meet your interests or focus. 

But most of all we are the catalyst for change in your business. If you want to bring out the very best in your team then call us today, we would love to transform your lunchroom from a stale places of semi work into an inspiring oasis.

Whether it is one or 50 artworks you need we can transform your workplace. Contact us today on  0449 105 295 or john@theofficeartspecialists.com.au.

We are currently building the new website for The Office Art Specialists, it isn't finished and probably never will be but, it is live and will grow over time.

So, I hope now you better understand why we have separated our two brands and I hope that today or one day in the future we can bring art into your life, whether at home or at work, we can help, just get in touch.

Have an awesome day!


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