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Taking photos on your iPhone without touching the screen...

With the basics of starting your iPhone camera, setting focus and exposure and knowing how to lock your focus/exposure under control in the last blog, click here if you haven't seen it yet.

Next we can look at several other ways to take photos with your iPhone including using a remote. Also we can really do some great stuff with the selfie shoot mode.

There are three ways to trigger the shutter other that touching the shutter button on the screen. These are helpful when your hands are needed to steady the camera or even when it is on a tripod and you want to minimise camera shake.

Did you know that your headphones can be used as a remote control?

Check it all out in this video.

There are more tips for your iPhone to come and in fact I am building an online course to help you. More to come soon but in the meantime, would you like more tips to help your travel or landscape photos?

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