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Open, Limited or Private edition, what does it all mean???

Open Edition, Limited Edition or Private Edition? Fine Art Print or Art on Glass?

Our artwork comes with a bunch of options, this blog takes the time to explain the key options and differences available with our artwork.

Firstly we have two primary mediums:

Framed Fine Art Prints

Open, Limited or Private edition framed fine art prints

We use an beautiful paper with a wonderful name "Breathing Colour - Elegance Velvet". Essentially a 100% cotton paper with texture with archival grade pigments. This gives a more traditional look and feel with frames and matts.

It is more like a water colour paper than a traditional photographic paper and gives every artwork a "je ne said quoi" a quality that is hard to describe. Honestly with some pieces it is hard to tell if they are a painting or a photograph. I really enjoy that ambiguity that the paper gives.

On a more practical side, we can prepare pieces that are up to 43.5 inches wide and as tall as we like. However when it comes to framing our maximum practical limit is 40 x 60 inches (1016 x 1524mm) per panel.

The great news is that we can use polyptych techniques that allow us to use two to eight panels to create a large scale artwork.

With the fantastic combination of my printer's here in Newcastle Zone Printing, combined with the experience of my framing team at The Framing Game in Charlestown we can tackle any challenge our customer's throw our way.


As a general rule framed Fine Art Prints will only be shipped within Australia. For our international customers we will ship your print rolled. However for our North American customers, we now have a framer in New York so we can arrange framing in NYC and then ship to you from there across North America. Our prices within Australia are fully inclusive of shipping, handling and insurance.

Art on Glass - Glass Prints

Open, Limited or Private edition

Still relatively new to our lineup, Art on Glass has been very popular. Art on Glass gives a third dimension to two dimensional artworks. Sounds far fetched I know but when you see them in the flesh you will see it too.

So how does it work?

Our primary Art on Glass product starts out similar to our Fine Art Prints. We print these on a metallic photographic medium with archival grade pigments. We then fuse the print to a sheet of 6mm toughened glass.

Finally a white laminate is applied to the back of the print to protect the paper and then the invisible mount is glued to the back. The mount takes only minutes to install on just about any wall and once installed it is sturdy and safe.

How is it different to a Fine Art Print?

As I mentioned earlier, our Art on Glass seems to add a third dimension, there is a depth to the artworks that you just don't get in a Fine Art Print. Hard to explain easier to see.

Uniform and custom panel sizes. We have a bunch of standard panel sizes, these are fantastic when you are looking to put a few or even more artworks in the same space and value uniformity.

We can also prepare custom size panels up to 3000 x 1200mm (118 x 47 inches). These can then be stacked together (as they are frameless) to give the appearance of a single artwork or we can prepare them as a polyptych from two to eight separate panels to create a more unique artwork.


The surprise is that Art on Glass is more stable and thus easier to ship than Fine Art Prints. For this reason our pricing for Art on Glass is inclusive of shipping, insurance, packaging and handling. We have an Australia wide price and worldwide, both pricing schedules are fully inclusive to your door.

Art on Glass - Architectural features

We have an additional couple of options with Art on Glass.

Essentially we can print directly onto the glass and then heat fuse the pigment to the glass. This allows the glass to be used in wet areas and outdoors. 

Imagine instead of tiling your shower walls we used glass panels featuring a waterfall?

Or perhaps a tropical island beach scene as the panels on your glass pool fence or glass balustrade...

The options are endless and we can be very creative as to how we incorporate your favourite artwork into your home or office.

Open, Limited or Private edition

Open Edition vs Limited Edition vs Lechner Private Edition

Every single artwork that we produce is hand signed, named and numbered on the reverse by me as the artist. We also prepare a certificate of valuation and authenticity that is delivered with each piece.

Open Edition

Open Edition pieces are not limited in their edition run size, so in essence each could be sold hundreds of times. In practice this won't occur for most and our Open Edition artworks will be more rare than some other photographers who produce Limited Editions of 500 or 1,000 units.

Every Open Edition is numbered so you know exactly what number your piece is in our collection. It is hand signed, numbered and named.

Open Editions are roughly two thirds of the price of our Limited Edition artworks.

Limited Editions

Our Limited Edition runs are a maximum of 50 units (in fact, some are just 20). We believe that limited should mean limited, not hundreds or even thousands.

Each artwork is hand signed, numbered and named.

Lechner Private Editions

An experience. An indulgence. A journey. A destination. Exclusively yours.

  • Private one of a kind Limited Edition. Exclusively yours numbered one of one.
  • Premium Crystallite Lechner Private Edition Art on Glass Triptych (overall size 2.25 x 1.5m).
  • Custom location of your choice worldwide. It's up to you! 
  • Exclusive face to face briefing with artist John Lechner anywhere in the world.
  • Delivered to your door worldwide (fully inclusive).
  • Laser etched black metal certificate of authenticity in an handcrafted Australian hardwood case.

Price on Application.

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