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Mats and Frames - How to get the most from a trip to the framer

How to make the most of a trip to the framer

There are two main purposes for matting a fine art print; function and aesthetics.

Function – separating art from glass. It is important for photographs to not touch the glass for longevity of the print. Mats also help to separate the art from it’s surroundings.
It also keeps adventurous fingers off the print, little kids (and some adults) love to touch. 
Aesthetics – mats help to maintain colour continuity and coordination, as well as complementing the fine art print. The colour of the mat should add to the asthetics of the overall print. Coloured mats, in one sense become part of the art, while white and off-white mats help to distinguish the artwork from the frame.
Mats and frames how to get the most from a trip to the framer
Geometric Waterview - I'm a bit of a geometry nerd and love this.

From a framing point of view we have used a black frame, the dark grey mat to draw you in and finally we cut the bevel in reverse so we didn't get a white outline on the print.

Recently I have gotten a lot more adventurous with my mats in particular. A friend of mine Kathleen who was a framer in a former life dared me to move away from the prevalent white and cream mats that you see with so many pictures.

Kathleen reminded me of a golden rule that photographers know. Your eye will always be drawn first to the brightest part of your image. If the brightest part is your white mat you’re actually drawing the eye away from the image.

Honestly the first time I selected darker and coloured mats for my prints I was a bit scared but I have never regretted it.

I will always go for complementing the image with colours of mats and frames rather than trying to adjust the colours to suit a decor in a room. To me the trick is to pick the right image for the room, then the mat and frame will absolutely work.

Mats and frames how to get the most from a trip to the framer

Old Souls - My most adventurous mat and framing to date, perhaps a little crazy

When choosing a frame, it is important that the frame colour is different to that of the mat otherwise, visually the frame and mat will combine as one.

Frames serve a primarily functional purpose in that they help to protect the print, however an ill-suited frame (colour and size) can draw attention from the subject matter – your fine art print!

Mats and Frames - How to get the most from a trip to the framer

Isolated - In this instance we used a brown frame to help bring out the colour in the stone hut 

In all instances, I recommend using a professional framer. The team at The Framing Game Charlestown do all my work. They have the same high standards I do which ensures that every tim the finished product to you is at its very best.

Yours in fine art 


The Office Art Specialists

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