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Finding Iceland’s Ice Dragon

Finding Iceland’s Ice Dragon

Discovering the Ice Dragon

Back in May 2014 I spent 10 Days in a Happy Camper travelling around Iceland, just me and my camera. Over the 10 days I managed to rack up over 3,500km and shot almost 5,000 frames on my camera.

I travelled around the island, spent nights in the shadow of giant waterfalls, saw some spectacular moments where nature was at her best. One of the places in Iceland that was at the top of my list was Jökulsárlón a glacial lagoon on the south coast of Iceland near the Vatnajökull National Park.

The reason for my excitement was the blue glacial ice floating in the lake and then washing up on the black sand beach. I had planned to shoot the ice on the beach at night. For two reasons, firstly the light is much better at night. But also because during the day the beach is crawling with tourists.

I arrived at Jökulsárlón about 11pm in the evening, I was disappointed to find it was high tide, no beach and no ice on the beach. I changed plans and headed over to the lake and captured “Ice Float”.  

Ice Float Jökulsárlón Iceland Limited Edition Landscape Photo Print

The Ice is really blue, it is about 2,000 years old and comes down off the glacier where it drops into the lake breaks up and then ends up flowing out to sea. I saw seals playing in the ice waters and the light was perfect. So soft and mellow, it didn’t get dark just a night long twilight.

I caught a couple of hours sleep before I headed back out to the beach in the early hours, the tide had turned and the beach was covered in ice.

I set about capturing shots of the beautiful blue ice on the black sand of the beach. For a couple of hours I had the entire beach to myself and captured countless ice forms. In the end I had a great night and was so excited I choose 25-30 of my favourites and emailed them to Kim back here in Australia.

 A couple of hours later Kim got back to me and suggested I look at a particular frame, she said it looked like a dinosaur.

OMG, it wasn’t a dinosaur but Iceland’s Ice Dragon. I hadn’t seen the similarity on the night or when I sent it off to Kim but there is no doubt that this natural ice is a one of a kind. 

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Ice Dragon Jökulsárlón Iceland

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