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BEHIND THE IMAGE: Dawn Rising hot air balloons in the Hunter Valley Wine Country

Getting up close and personal with a hot air balloon in the Hunter Valley.

One of the most popular early morning activities for visitors to the Hunter Valley's Wine Country is to climb into the basket of a majestic hot air balloon and cruise silently through the skies above the vines.

The beauty of balloons in the morning sky is definitely a sight to behold and one that will stop you in your tracks. I never fail to enjoy the sight of one of these grand birds in the heavens.

On this particular morning I joined along with a group chasing 30 odd hot air balloons as we headed west deep into the vineyards before launching a volley of hot air balloons in the sky. 

The early morning preparations in the dawn light were just stunning. I particularly loved watching as they inflated the balloons, first with a huge fan and then later with the flames.

BEHIND THE IMAGE: Dawn Rising hot air balloons in the Hunter Valley Wine Country Flaming Dawn

Flaming Dawn, Pokolbin Hunter Valley

As the morning progressed the great birds took to the sky and we took chase in cars. I was aiming to capture some unique views of the balloons as they cruised above the vineyards and wineries.

Up, Up & Away - Pokolbin Hunter Valley Wine CountryUp, Up & Away - Pokolbin Hunter Valley Wine Country

I followed a few balloons as they passed over The Vintage before setting down in some farmland just east of The Vintage.

Overall a wonderful morning out chasing hot air balloons across Hunter Valley Wine Country. Dawn Rising is my favourite image from the morning as it combines the beauty of the dawn sky with the majesty and drama of a hot air balloon in flame preparing for take off.

Dawn Rising - Pokolbin Hunter Valley Wine Country NSW Australia Landscape Print Hot air balloonDawn Rising, Pokolbin Hunter Valley Wine Country

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