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BEHIND THE IMAGE: Capturing Sydney's World Famous Icons at Sunset

I don't remember the first time I visited Mrs Macquarie's Chair in Sydney Harbour. But I was most definitely a young child. Being the son of immigrant parents I spend many a weekend exploring my home city of Sydney.

My father was a keen gardener so one of his favourite places in the world was Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens, after K-Mart that is but a totally different story. We spent countless weekends exploring these beautiful gardens right in the heart of Sydney.

Mrs Macquarie's Chair, whilst technically not in the Gardens is a place we visited many times. It has the perfect view of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and so much more.

In fact, a sunset picnic at Mrs Macquarie's Chair is a favourite activity of visitors and locals alike. I mention it as one of my Blog 6 cheap things to do in Sydney - travel tips

On this particular day I was in Sydney playing tourist, doing many of the wonderful things you can do in and around Sydney Harbour. While I didn't have a relaxing picnic on the harbour I did settle in for the afternoon to see what I could capture. 

Funnily enough the magic moment didn't happen at sunset. In fact, it seemed a dud and I had packed up and begun walking back to Circular Quay along the foreshore of Farm Cove.

Watching the view as I wandered the sky changed to these magical colours and I stopped and got my gear out to shoot again. Thankfully this time I captured the beauty of the sky along with Sydney's most famous icons.

Sydney's icons at sunset - Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House NSW Australia Landscape Print

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