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Why did I spend money on a drone camera?

Millie - Phantom 3 Advanced.

Recently I spent over $2k investing in a drone camera (we call her Millie) and all the related parts and bits. While not a massive amount of money it is a decent amount to invest in a camera that can fall out of the sky.

So why did I do it?

The short answer is to help tell more of the story to the amazing locations I get to. On an average day shooting I will spend one to four hours in a single location waiting for the right light, the magic to happen.

The few or sometimes one photo that ends up in my collection only tells the story for that single moment/s. With Millie we can tell a lot more of the story, get perspective on the wider location and also go places I cannot go with a camera.

I have paired Millie with a little digital audio recorder to record the sounds of the birds, insects, leaves or ocean for more atmosphere. The end result is we can tell more of the story, take you there and I hope help connect you better with my work.

On Boxing Day I headed down to Catherine Hill Bay to capture the sunrise. For me it was a late start, arriving on location with only 30 minutes until sunrise. But it was a perfect morning for me. There was a light mist over the ocean, the sun was golden and the end result, wow.

Millie did her thing and took us over the pier at Catherine Hill Bay and we also caught the sounds of the crashing waves and the morning birds. This is the end result. I hope you like it.
The end result is a print we gave the highly imaginative title of "Sunrise at Catherine Hill Bay, Lake Macquarie Australia". Now available for sale here.

Sunrise at Catherine Hill Bay, Lake Macquarie Australia



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