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Art on Glass Kitchen splashbacks  Redhead Beach Dawn as a Kitchen Splashback

Last night's Better Homes & Gardens featured a great kitchen that had a beautiful photo as the glass splashback. This is definitely a feature for someone looking for a kitchen with a difference with a distinctive feature like no other.

The good news is that we can incorporate any of our almost 200 artworks into your kitchen splashback. In fact splashbacks are just the start. We can incorporate our images into shower screens & walls, balustrades, pool fences, table tops and so much more.

Essentially anywhere you can install glass or tiles we can install our amazing Art on Glass featuring any of my limited or open edition artworks.

These are waterproof and protected to give them a long life finish against fading. So if you are looking for a unique way to incorporate art into your home give us a call today, call John on 0449 105 295, book a free appointment.

Our Art on Glass manufacturer has many years of experience installing glass in unique spots we know we can give you something unique you will cherish for many years to come.

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