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Meet Millie, the newest member of our team...

Golden Breaker, Newcastle Australia, Limited edition

It has been a month since my last update and the time has flown.

November seems to have vanished in a moment and now we find ourselves on the countdown towards Christmas.

As the year ends I reflect on my nearly two years in the art game, running a growing business. I have to say it hasn't been easy. There are days when you want to give up and then other days that leave you high as a kite.

Building a strong future for my family in the form of an art business was never going to be easy but it is guaranteed to be challenging and rewarding.

As the year closes I look at 2016 with some excitement and also trepidation. The trepidation mostly comes from the fact that Kyle my oldest son (he's 11) starts High School next year. That makes me feel old.

I can still remember the day when Kim told me she was pregnant with him and driving home from the hospital with him in the car for the very first time, that was scary. I guess High School is just a new chapter.

On the business front we have some exciting new things happening in 2016. One of the big things is to help small business. Small business often punches above its weight in many areas. We believe that all small businesses should be productive and beautiful workspaces. We can help, more on that below.

With Christmas just around the corner we can also get you out of a pickle and help you avoid the horrid parking at the major shopping centres by delivering to your door a beautiful artwork for your special someone. We have a wide variety in stock and if you are quick we can deliver any custom orders before Christmas.

I want to wish you, and your loved ones a very happy festive season. Thank you so much for your support this year. I look forward to more exciting news in 2016 but in the meantime, enjoy the coming weeks. I hope you get to take a break and enjoy life.


Mungo Brush dunes

This last weekend we got away for two nights as a family to a local National Park (Myall Lakes). It was only an hour from home but this beautiful spot was one we had never visited, unbelievable right?

I love to travel but too often I, and many others are tempted to jump on a plane. It is often cheaper to visit an international destination than to even go to a local caravan park. I am not kidding.

A friend recently told me of a quote he got for a caravan park less than an hour from home. For 5 nights it was nearly $3000, nearly $600 a night in a caravan park! Conversely we are going to Bali next year for a holiday and working trip, for two families (10 people) for 10 nights it is $3000. We have our own private villa with pool and housekeeping.

National Parks offer some of the most amazing locations and they do it with basic facilities and amazing prices. Our stay at Mungo Brush was less than $25 a night. The scenery was world class, the drive was just over an hour and we had the best alarm clock ever.

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Millie the Phantom

Meet Millie

Firstly the name Millie, my latest camera is named after Millicent Bryant, Australia's first licensed female pilot. Big thanks to Judge in Texas for the suggestion.

The reason I have Millie is to help tell stories a little better. I go to some breathtaking locations both here in Australia and around the world. Most of the time you only see the finished product from the lens of my Nikon. You don't see the context. 

I could be standing at the top of a cliff or on the ocean's edge. Millie will help give some more context to my locations and bring some of the story to you. While she is a drone, what she really is to me is a camera that can soar to great heights, follow a country road or skim the surf.

Millie will be my constant travel companion from now on and I hope you enjoy the footage we bring you from her lens. Our first couple of weeks have been a touch rocky, she took a swim on day three thanks to an amorous Raven.

This weekend we are heading out to the Warrumbungles for some hiking, photography and more. This will be Mille's first trip. I look forward to bringing you some of our explorations.

Gold Small Business Package


Small Business Packages

In small business there are many challenges. We can help with two problems that are faced by many teams. 

1. Does your workspace, reception and client meeting rooms look professional?
  • Does the space convey the level of excellence that you strive for every day?
  • Do you have beautiful art to help as a conversation starter?
  • Are your customers relaxed and comfortable in the environment?
  • We can help.
2. Is your team cohesive?
  • Do you have an engaged and happy team?
  • Do you struggle with staff turnover?
  • A beautiful environment is a key factor in improving culture. Your team will feel more engaged in a beautiful workspace. Show your team you care, get some beautiful art for your walls.
Our small business packages are specifically designed to help you create a more professional environment for your customers, to help you stand out from your competitors and to help improve organisational culture.

We have three levels to suit all budgets and spaces.
  • Silver - for the budget conscious team looking to make an impression, starting at just $2,520 for four frameless 900x600mm Art on Glass artworks, delivered FREE to your door. 
  • Gold - our most popular package. You will blow away both your customers and team with these stunning 1200x800mm Art on Glass artworks, delivered FREE to your door.
  • Platinum - our breathtaking 1500x1000mm Art on Glass will leave everyone in no doubt that you accept nothing but the best, delivered FREE to your door.
Our packages are tailored for teams from one up to twenty staff and beyond.

Book your free consultation today by calling John on 0449 105 295. Take action TODAY to prepare your team for an awesome 2016!

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